Bandini – Full Episode – EP#19

Dharamraaj & his father in law are worried about the destruction which the marriage would cause. Dharamraajs children are returning home after a 3 month of world tour & they are afraid that the kids will accept this marriage. All the girls of the village are excited to meet Santu. They address her as Maalkin & are eager to know about the big house & her first night. Santu neglects all of them & does not answer their queries. Later at night, Santu is preparing to leave & go back to Dharamraajs house. Madho (nanaji) explains her that time will change things for her. Dharamraaj confirms about the arrangements for Airport from Pinakin. Assuming that Dharamraaj is talking about his kids, he gets stunned when Dharamraaj clarifies that he is talking about their client. He says that he will meet the kid anytime but the client is more important for him. Santu reaches home & the servant of the house welcomes her. She goes in the house to get her a glass of water. Tarulaben comes to know about this & warns the servant for treating Santu like a Maalkin. Tarulaben warns Santu to enter the house & also tells her that in spite of the fact that she is married in a rich family, but still she will lead her life in poverty. She will not get to eat quality food & will be served the same cheaper quality food which was prepared in Madhos house. Tarulaben locks Santu in her room which is outside the house. Everybody at Dharamraajs house waits for the kids to return home. All the five kids

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