Babymetal – Gimme Chocolate!! guitar cover

Another Babymetal cover! Check out Babymetal: Guitar: Epiphone Matt Heafy Les Paul Custom Signature — Jamup iPhone app —- Soundcard: Apogee…

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17 Responses to Babymetal – Gimme Chocolate!! guitar cover

  1. Ricardo Saavedra says:

    Rondo of nightmare! :p?

  2. mikofujiify says:

    2:19-THE POWAAAA!!! X)?

  3. Pablo Miranda says:

    Very good man ,,. Keep roking and long live BABYMETAL?

  4. nicestr790wnz says:

    You have amazed me once again! This is an amazing cover! Keep it up! :)?

  5. patchy2185 says:

    OMG, you’re awesome!! I guess Japanese TV shows and Babymetal might pick
    up your video. I’ve already seen fan cover videos on J TV shows and
    Babymetal official SNS. They’re watching you. Good luck!?

  6. Ellie Williams says:

    AWESOME as always!!! Please do Kimi no Anime Ga Mitai or Akumu No Rondo
    next :)?

  7. ???? says:


  8. Al LuvzLief says:


    Akumo no Rondo or 4 no uta next please?

  9. B3NG Briz says:

    Another awesome cover! Well done?

  10. Lee Longno says:

    Now im jealous. . Can’t find any BabyMetal Shirt on Amazon <3?

  11. MetallAndy says:

    Another Babymetal cover! This time it´s Gimme Chocolate. Doki Doki Morning
    next maybe? I need something easier after covering Ijime Dame Zettai,
    Akatsuki and now this XD?

  12. Juan delacruz says:

    Nailed it once again… m/?

  13. Rolthavik says:

    You finally did it!! woooohoo nice!! Awesome cover!?

  14. MRoiz Sufiulloh says:

    Finally :D. Awesome dude, you should try Akumu no Rondo!?

  15. crazyguy says:

    awesome cover (were do you get you shirts man)?

  16. trlol2 says:

    Excellent cover!
    I wish there was a pro-shot video of Gimme Chocolate from the European
    tour. You would probably do that one then. Kami band plays this song faster
    & heavier, especially chorus sections.?

  17. lmlRodrigoMetal says:

    1st. Comment OMG!… Great cover dude, like.

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