Arabesque no.1- Claude Debussy – solo guitar

Arabesque no.1 – Claude Debussy.

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20 Responses to Arabesque no.1- Claude Debussy – solo guitar

  1. Minh Nguyen says:

    i’m his student?

  2. Josh Turner says:

    The best arrangement for solo guitar. hands down.?

  3. ipoodaily . says:

    Share your damn arrangement with ppl geez. Izqueirdo and baranzano are
    pricks. Try to ask them for an arrangement and they won’t reply either.?

  4. Aldo de Leon says:

    Ahhh my favorite Debussy piece. Good job man.?

  5. vaibanez17 says:

    Watched a lot of Arabesque classical guitar arrangements and styles played
    on YouTube, but this is the best. You have captured the spirit of the piece
    here, in form, in feel and in tone. Brilliant.?

  6. Thomas Ford says:

    Superb – wonderful tone and musicality on a transcribed piece that close to
    impossible – BRAVO!?

  7. ipoodaily . says:

    Why does anyone who gets an arrangement of a piece never want to share it
    with people.?

  8. faithandfury says:

    Was he in standard tuning for this? That’s all I need to know??

  9. Robert Halas says:

    !!! B ! R ! A ! V ! O !!!?

  10. Luis Diaz de leon says:

    how i can get this arrangement ? i love IT!?

  11. facenatv pablo says:

    Awesome, it was wonderful, thanks for the vídeo.?

  12. yannhk says:

    do you know where I can buy this transcription? Thank you?

  13. Mike Shaver-Miller says:

    Damn. Just… Dayum. That was intense, my friend. I didn’t even know it was
    possible on a guitar. That harmonic arpeggio was sick, dude. You killed it.
    Subbed for brilliance.?

  14. Esteban Gil says:


  15. Steven Farr says:

    I would like to hear him play Suite Bergamasque menuet also by Claude
    Debussy. ?

  16. Sam 22 says:

    Wow, I love this, thank your for uploading it!?

  17. Francisco Hernández Marzal says:

    The girl walking off the elevator at 0’42” don’t give a sh*** about this
    nice music been playing!. Nice version!?

  18. Samantha Kidder says:

    this is so beautiful, where is it possible to find the sheet music for

  19. Bob Hoomes says:

    Thank you. This is so moving. I envy your talent and skill. I hope you
    have the opportunity to display your talent through professional means.?

  20. T MN says:

    Very VERY Nice! Thank you for posting. I *truly* enjoyed your great

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