Alive [Dubstep Guitar] – Krewella [Pegboard Nerds Remix] – Cole Rolland HD

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Video Rating: 4 / 5

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24 Responses to Alive [Dubstep Guitar] – Krewella [Pegboard Nerds Remix] – Cole Rolland HD

  1. EggRolls4Me says:

    FUCKIN LEGEND BRUH!!! You just earned a sub-marine :)?

  2. Cloe Helvetica says:


  3. Gorun Asot says:


  4. Tristan Welch says:

    what effects and amp are you using? ive been looking for this sound

  5. QuartzHD Official says:

    daaaaaaaammmmnnn this guy got hell of a talent and he is using it to the
    maximum…….. keep it up with this awesome work……?

  6. Danny Truth says:

    i think i found my career. (i play metal guitars well but write pop
    music). ?

  7. Supersaiyan 5000 says:

    What a legend, he even adds tabs for this great cover, that’s like the
    cherry on top. Good job m9, you’ve definitely earnt a sub :).?

  8. Hymerej C says:

    the guy is ridiculously talented, but clearly theres a lot of backing synth
    when goes into that “drop”. Regardless, i hope he puts his insane talent to
    the epic use he is capable of?

  9. Daan Meijer says:


  10. stephen serio says:

    woahhhh!!!!!! this is beast?

  11. soundingalarms says:

    I NEED to know what guitar you’re using?

  12. toby buckmaster says:

    Pleasure do a dubstep guitar version of Killin it by krewella!!!?

  13. Grant Thienemann says:

    DAMN! I don’t know what to say other than . . . DAMN! That is impressive,
    can we get more videos like this . . . please??

  14. Nathan Grady says:

    Really cool, but this is not a live performance… He’s acting to a perfect
    recording that most likely was also pieced together note by note on
    protools. No doubt he’s an awesome guitarist, but you can spot it if you
    pay attention.?

  15. Steve Medhurst says:

    I think you should do Monsters by Skrillex !??

  16. jonathan shaver says:

    And you also have a subscription from me!?

  17. dangerousbob98 says:

    He fingered his girlfriend…. she died?

  18. jared aycock says:

    the way he slapped his guitar…….perfect. just beyond perfection.

  19. ??? says:

    Wow, you are my role model. This play was the legend that Id ever seen and
    music is very exciting ever. Awesome !!!????

  20. Aaron Rothman says:

    Rage Against the Machine would be impressed?

  21. Evades Dreadd says:

    This is very good. However he is playing along to dubstep, not playing
    dubstep from the actual guitar which is actually possible. Again, still
    good though.?

  22. PeKaNo - fritz45 says:

    Amazing ! You are very good ! Keep it up !?

  23. MrDrEero says:

    lemme guess….. youre pretty good at guitar hero? just an assumption.?

  24. Max9string says:

    well if he doesn’t get anywhere in life, then I don’t get it?????

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