109 – How to Build a Guitar (Part 2 of 3)

Original post on our site with additional comments:http://www.thewoodwhisperer.com/videos/birth-of-a-guitar-pt-2/ Rick continues on his journey into the worl…
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25 Responses to 109 – How to Build a Guitar (Part 2 of 3)

  1. Paul Gilbert Baswell says:

    the problem is the glue you are using. Always use Rabbit hide glue. I know
    in this modern age you think the white glue is great but truth be told
    Rabbit hide glue is stronger then the wood its self. It melts with heat and
    moisture and is the preferred glue of the ages. You want to build
    instruments that can be repaired. i can not stress this enough thowe out
    that wood glue and order Rabbit hide. You heat it up in a glass jar in a
    pan of water it will stay liquid for over an hr. if you let it set in the
    warm water/ the other thing is you are over gluing way to much glue.you
    might be a great woodworker but you have a lot to learn about building
    Instruments!. as for your fix on the gap take that off and make a piece to
    slide in. this gap will affect the sound of the guitar and it will be far
    less obtrusive. but even with this repair the sound is never going to be
    what it could be with a solid connection to the sound box. the way all box
    instruments work is similar to a bellows the string vibrations cause the
    face to move in and out the gap will reduce this effect. so fill it with
    the same wood the neck is made of. good luck on your fret board. ?

  2. einc70 says:

    Actually the tapered part on the classical guitar it it’s actually wider
    than the steel acoustic. So it’s not a fail just need a trim-down to fret
    edges. About the gap yeah its ugly. Definitely not acceptable to the view.
    Gonna watch part 3 how this turns out.:) very good step through vlog by the
    way. ?

  3. Chris Williams says:

    Do the bindings serve any structural purpose, or are they just cosmetic??

  4. JgHaverty says:

    FWIW, you can take off fretboards pretty easily with an iron and a thin
    scraper. ?

  5. Ed Hunter says:

    Perhaps for a next time. But if I have to remove a fretboard due to a
    malfunctioning truss rod or something like that. I use a wet towel and a
    clothing iron. Just drape the towel over the neck and fretboard and start
    steaming it. Be sure to keep it wet!
    It takes patience, lots of water and some practise. Though for me it worked
    first time around. It actually suprised me how easy it was.?

  6. rutger houtdijk says:

    Which dremel bit did you use to cut the inlay at 7:50 ? I got the same
    circle jig but I hardly get through the wood.?

  7. Shianetto says:

    You could fill this hole with wood filler?

  8. nathan byers-kane says:

    you are brilliant yet blindingly ignorant when using these power tools my
    god im shocked you have hands left nice instrument though ?

  9. kipponi says:

    This video feels that everyone can do it but you really need right touch
    and sharp tools.And right order to do things and good measurements.
    The top is really thin when light shines through it.
    Excellent video.?

  10. Robinson Fernandez says:

    dude ur great u gona do it fine ull see i support u all the way, here from
    mexico specting next video PS my fhater is a luttier in argentina he is 82
    yo now so i know u are in the correct track keep up this great work

  11. ImposingSumo says:

    Bloody hell. This guy has the patience of a saint. Amazing work.

  12. isterbandet says:

    Wow, cliffhanger

  13. usedpotatoes says:

    Yeah and did you see him on the bandsaw at 5:00 ? He is definitely taking
    some serious liberties with his fingers.

  14. Steven Krumbah says:

    I like the videos, but the music is kind of…..well, annoying. Awesome

  15. Tim Herrmann says:

    Scared the crap out of me at 19:27!

  16. Ya_yaKaiOne says:

    BE CAREFUL! lol im sure you’ll do fine. I cant tell you how many mistakes i
    made on my first guitar. i actually ended up throwing away (burning) the
    first body because i glued the top onto the sides without checking if the
    center line was oriented correctly. not much you can do there 🙁 any way.
    best of luck yo you!

  17. Bo Huggabee says:

    just take the fret board off with a heat pad or heat gun?

  18. Matt W says:

    I actually think the music is very fitting. A little repetitive, but I
    think it works. In the years to come I’d love to take a few guitar building
    classes. I know at least one person who said they’d want me to make them a
    custom guitar someday. Who knows, I might tape the process if I’m confident
    enough! 🙂

  19. kevykev38 says:

    Nice build. But you had to mention a lyric from “Henry the 8th”? Now i’m
    gonna have that dong in my head all day!

  20. Ashley Helton says:

    God I wondered about the taper on the fretboard. That’s a shame.

  21. Nick Hayes says:

    The amount of work that goes into building this is incredible. I take my
    hat off to you and I hope it turns out well!

  22. smithdude101 says:

    After watching this I now know why guitars cost so much. nice work!

  23. mafkeesos says:

    why does the back need to be glued and cant it be made out of 1 piece ?

  24. strangersound says:

    This guy is a beast with the hand tools. 🙂

  25. SukkaPunch321 says:

    What did you use for the kerfing?

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