?? Für Elise – Guitar Tutorial (Score & TAB)

Score: http://www.acoustic-music.de/epages/63090349.sf/?ObjectPath=/Shops/63090349/Products/FP8154&Locale=de_DE This is an easy arrangement for guitar (6th s…

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12 Responses to ?? Für Elise – Guitar Tutorial (Score & TAB)

  1. trang vu says:

    your video is good

  2. Frank Smith says:

    a parte mais dificil voce não ensinou?

  3. Lord Loss says:

    sry im very new to this, what does the red numbers mean on TAB??

  4. Jean-Claude Seys says:

    moet ik leeren?

  5. Ray says:

    Absolutely wonderful. Your video is excellent. Your instruction technique
    is superb. Many thanks.?

  6. ?brahim Kalkan says:

    great. it is wonderful for learning an also listening.?

  7. The Harok says:

    An amazing lesson, an elegant player for an elegant score indeed?

  8. Konstantin Vassiliev says:
  9. ih4t3ub1tch says:

    Thank you so much! You’re very helpful.?

  10. Brilian ardi kusuma says:


  11. Khaled Al-issa says:

    very perfect
    Thank Konstantin :)?

  12. kozertes says:

    Thank you very much Konstatin. It’s a great lesson!?

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