Where can I learn Rock Guitar online for free?

I’m a singer and I am planning to form a Rock band however I want to learn to play guitar. Where can I learn to play guitar for free online? I would prefer videos geered towards Rock Guitar. Please provide links. Thanks!

Chosen Answer:

just write guitar lesson on www.youtube.com
by: ???????
on: 23rd April 12

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5 Responses to Where can I learn Rock Guitar online for free?

  1. Patrick says:


    there are lots of videos and written lessons completely free. thats how i learned. i however already had a basic knowledge of music.

  2. camhoegey says:


  3. ??????? says:

    just write guitar lesson on http://www.youtube.com

  4. Mötley Mätt says:

    You can also learn almost every other genre of music on guitar there.

  5. GuitarJammer says:


    it’s a pretty cool site.

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