What type of beginning guitar should I buy?

I am very interested in learning how to play the guitar. I want to learn on an acoustic guitar but I am not sure what brand, type, model I should buy. I don’t want to spend an obscene amount of money but I do want it to be nice and last.

Also, any information on which stores are best to go, any books that I should buy, or any other helpful tips would be great.


Chosen Answer:

The answer depends somewhat on which genre of music you’ll be taking up. If you were to approach the instrument through a college class for example, you would be advised to invest in a classical (acoustic) guitar. These type of acoustic guitars can be had for 0-0 and many come with an electronic tuner and electronics built in (see models by Takamine and Yamaha for the best quality at a bargain price).

If you’re looking to play Folk, Country or Acoustic-Rock style I would recommend one of the C.F. Martin X series steel string acoustic guitars. These are exceptionally well built acoustic instruments with high-end details at reasonable prices (0-0). Another good choice would for steel string acoustic would be Takamine.

If you choose to go with an electric guitar, I believe Epiphone is producing the overall best quality budget instruments right now. The Epiphone Junior () and Epiphone Les Paul Junior Special (0) really can’t be beat. If you go the electric guitar route I recommend the Roland Cube amp (0) this little amp will give you plenty of features and will be something you will want to keep for years to come even if you graduate up to a larger model.

Other tips on purchasing a guitar: Know that there is a signifigant difference in budget guitars and the high end models. In terms of craftsmanship, tone and feel there are many good reasons why professional musicians spent a great deal on their instruments. However the good news is that the brands mentioned above provide reasonable quality at a reasonable price.

Don’t let the salesman try to tag on a bunch of add-on sales. For example, you don’t need a 0 hard shell case for a 0 guitar. In fact many professional classical players use gig-bags quite often. A – gig bag should do fine. Do pick up some polish and a cleaning cloth and always rub down the strings before putting your guitar away (this will help extend the life of the strings a great deal). Do pick up an assortment of guitar picks in different shapes and sizes (find one that works best for your fingers/hand). Do buy an electric guitar tuner; ask for the Korg electric guitar tuner (-).

Tips on learning to play: Hire an instructor that teaches from a published book (preferably from a Hal Leonard or Mel Bay book), there are too many bad habits that you could form trying to go at it alone. Expect to take lessons for six to twelve months before advancing from beginner to intermediate and longer than that if you are taking up classical guitar studies.

Tips on practice: Two pieces of advise I’ve seen students ignore too often. A.) Always practice with a metronome B.) Always tune your guitar before playing

Good luck.

by: Jdeats
on: 30th October 08

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