What site can I learn to play acoustic guitar?

Learn all the notes, chords, tabs, terms, etc.? I am completly new to acoustic guitar or any guitar. I just ordered a acoustic guitar on ebay.

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i dont know but i also laernig guitar
if you know tell me my frnd
by: chandrakat p
on: 10th June 08

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2 Responses to What site can I learn to play acoustic guitar?

  1. chandrakat p says:

    i dont know but i also laernig guitar
    if you know tell me my frnd

  2. chessmaster1018 says:

    Oh gee you did what I tell all my students not to do, I’d much rather the student go to a reputable guitar store and spend hours in there studing all the guitars that are in your buget….I’m a stickler for that….I feel that a student must hear and feel the action of a guitar before you buy it…..I’ve proved it to a student of mine when I went with her to buy a guitar….they had about ten Yamaha’s and I told her to play all of them, just to prove to her how all brands and models do not sound the same, they all have that little difference…..and some have higher strings then others….when we were done she saw my point…..I always tell people not to buy guitars at Sears, or out of catologs, and most certainly not from e-bay….they had one on there months ago for a penny….can you imagine what that was like…..and then I heard another person say that the strings were so high off of the fret board that mice could have walked underneath. Then there’s the Estaban…..a relative bought one and when I played it I was shocked, it sounded nice on TV but I’ve been playing guitar for thirty five years and I never had one in my hands that was as hard as that to play….so I suggested that she let me call the local guitar store to see if they could do anything with it and the clerk said to me, don’t tell me it’s an Estaban, I said yes how did you know, he said that everyone who bought one had the same problem, the strings wiere so high it was almost impossiable to play, especially for beginners, he told me that he had at least 20 people come in wanting to know if there was anything that could be done with it…..it had to do with the bridge with some and the nut with others. This is why I prefer all students to go and spent hours in a guitar store to select the perfect guitar for them…..sound and action !!!!!!!! This is only my opinion, but I’ve had a lot of experience with guitars, not only have I taught for years, I’ve also been around guitars all my life !!!!
    I know that it’s too late because your’ve already ordered from e-bay, so make sure that you really check it out before it’s to late to send it back !!!!! If your not sure have someone look at it who knows about guitars, good luck to you, I’ll be interested in knowing how yours turns out….so please try and let us know how you make out !!!!!!!!! As for sites, try these and see what you think. I prefer students to have a private teacher or go to a local music store for lessons, but I know that’s not possiable for all .
    http://www.jamplay.com/ (6 free lessons)
    http://www.8notes.com/ (click on the guitar, this also has an on screen electronic tuner) you can also name the chord and this site shows you how to make it .
    http://www.wiki.com (this site claims to teach acoustic quickly )
    I hope that something above gets you want you want….some you do have to buy their Cd’s, videos, DVD’s, or pay for the online tutors…..but if I were starting guitar today I would love these sites. Good luck to you, and I wish you luck with your guitar, I hope that you aren’t dissappointed !!!!!!!!!! P.S. Please make sure that you print this out for furture references, because I’m sure that you won’t be able to check them all out at one sitting !!!!!!! There are some free sites, but I’m not too fond of them, there not very complete, you be the judge, here’s a few.
    Youtube also has free guitar lessons, I don’t know how good they are, I’ve yet to check them out….but a lot of people seem to like it, so check that out also. Sorry this is so long, but I wanted to get my point across about those catolog, and guitars that you can order….my moto is if your going to buy a guitar, ” GO IN PERSON, AND PLAY IT” !!!!!!!!!

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