What is the difference between a regular acoustic guitar and a cutaway guitar?

I keep hearing that phrase cutaway guitar and I keep wondering what it is. And by the way, are cutaway guitars cheaper in price and quality?

Chosen Answer:

Cutaway is an acoustic guitar that has a portion of the body “cut away” to make it easier to access the higher notes.

The fifth instrument from the left is an example of this style:

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on: 24th April 07

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4 Responses to What is the difference between a regular acoustic guitar and a cutaway guitar?

  1. brokestudent says:

    a cut-away acoustic guitar has a section of the wooden body cut out of it so the fingers can reach the higher frets easier like on an electric guitar. As for the quality and price, they are not usually cheaper because they are sold by quality just as a regular guitar. Some brands will be cheaper than others, but a decent new one will run you about $350-850

  2. robknightmusician says:

    cutaways allow you to play higher up on the neck. Technically, the cutaway means less wood joined to the neck,so it is weaker.

  3. GuitarMan says:

    A good example is at Ibanez.com, look for acoustic/electric Exotic Woods series – they produce almost the same models in the cutaway and non-cutaway form so you can see the difference. Also, there are different types of cutaways, but that’s a different story.

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