What is an easy guitar solo to learn for a beginner?

I have owned guitars for years and my dad was in a band but I haven’t really learned any actual songs on the guitar. My dad has tried teaching me but because my parents split and I live quite far away I rarely see him. I don’t want lessons because I don’t like the idea of a set time so I would like to teach myself. Is there an easy solo I could learn?

Chosen Answer:

Smells like teen spirit- Nirvana
Hit me with your best shot- Pat benetar
Iron man- Black Sabbath
Eruption- Van Halen
by: erasinus
on: 29th May 09

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21 Responses to What is an easy guitar solo to learn for a beginner?

  1. Diamond Dylan says:

    12 Bar blues and Smoke on the water.

  2. Mesperanto says:

    Lots of good stuff on here:

    or look on youtube.

    And don’t expect to sound good too soon- just enjoy it and you’ll get better and better as you practice.

    Have fun!

  3. edgar says:

    am i evil by diamon head
    power rangers theme
    and what the guy said

  4. Monkeymagic! says:

    Holiday- Green Day has an easy solo
    Wild Thing- Trogs is a simple song
    why get lessons when you could use tabs? 😛

  5. Stan says:

    “Walk, Don’t Run,” by The Ventures is a great place to start.

  6. homie G says:

    smells like teen spirit by nirvana is very easy it was the first solo I learned to play also wish you were here by pink floyd’s solo isn’t that hard.

  7. Q.Z. says:

    Iron Man. That’s a song that most guitar players start with

  8. makes_angels_cry says:

    The beginning of Wish You Were Here by Pink Floyd. It’s fairly simple & will get you used to sliding your fingers quickly down the neck playing high notes!

  9. matt k says:

    Avenged Sevenfold has some really easy lead parts and rhythm parts in like all of their older songs (Second Heartbeat, Radiant Eclipse, Chapter Four). just look for songs that you like on ultimate-guitar.com and try out and see which solo you can play.

  10. Razordance says:

    The first solo I learned was actually the sax solo from Never Tear Us Apart. Pretty easy, the tricky part is phrasing it so it sounds like a sax…

  11. ear says:

    gunslinger and seize the day, both by avenged sevenfold, it emphasize more on emotion than on speed

  12. Buster Friskers says:

    Like the other answerer said, don’t forget about YouTube.

    A lot of guys take the time to give excellent lessons. A little searching will be worth your while.

    For example, this Canadian guy shows you how to play the solo to the Beatles song, “And I Love Her.” So don’t forget aboot YouTube!


  13. Billy says:

    The first guitar SOLO that I learned was the one from Living After Midnight by Judas Priest. It’s pretty easy.

  14. eric g says:

    nirvana songs

  15. Conno says:

    AC/DC- You Shook Me All Night Long is quite easy (considering you have a little background knowledge of guitar), and also includes easy chords.
    Also Jet-Are You Gonna Be My Girl, not too hard

  16. blackarm777 says:

    Well a few that require simple technique and are pretty easy for beginners are the solos in
    -Smells like teen spirit by Nirvana
    -Wish you were here by Pink Floyd
    -Tangerine by Led Zeppelin
    -Helter Skelter by The Beatles

    Course you can just try starting off with some minor and major pentatonic scales,any kinds of scales will improve your playing much.

  17. AdorKable says:

    Wake Me Up When September Ends – Green Day

    Beat It – Fall Out Boy Ft. John Mayer //Michael Jackson

    Dumpweed Intro – Blink-182

    Famous Last Words Solo – My Chemical Romance

  18. Sheri D says:

    Nirvana – Smells Like Teen Spirit
    Black Sabbath – The Wizard
    Deep Purple – Smoke on the Water
    Metallica – Fade to Black

  19. Haz says:

    A good easy guitar song I like to play is All Apologies by Nirvana. There isn’t a solo as such in it but it is easy to play and it sounds good.

  20. Tagasagot says:

    Try the guitar solo on the intro of “The Day that Never Comes” by Metallica. It’s the first ever guitar solo I’ve learned on guitar.

  21. erasinus says:

    Smells like teen spirit- Nirvana
    Hit me with your best shot- Pat benetar
    Iron man- Black Sabbath
    Eruption- Van Halen

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