What Is A good Second Guitar For Rock around 300 dollars?

My first guitar was a silvertone ss11 guitar (sh***y value pack guitar)

Then I upgraded my amp to a line 6 spider. And I also want a new guitar because I got wen I was a beginner two years ago and I got a lot better.

So what guitar should I get for around 300 dollars? I play ALOT of rock music on guitar.

Chosen Answer:

Ibanez is good for rock/metal.




There’s a lot of positive reviews for these.

Here’s one with a trem bridge, a little more expensive.

by: Pale Moonlight
on: 10th July 11

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2 Responses to What Is A good Second Guitar For Rock around 300 dollars?

  1. rick says:

    Dean Vendetta w/ Floyd trem About $280 Dean uses good Quality parts

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