Venus On Fire Rocks a New Website

Minnesota based rock band, Venus On Fire, sets their social media campaign a blaze.

Rock N’ Roll meets fashion combined with unfeigned lyrics and notice from Lil’ Wayne’s Grammy winning producer equate to a youthful band called Venus On Fire. The band, whose past adventures included a fully supported multi-date tour backed by million dollar brand Hot

Topic, is now launching an interactive new website. promises to be an appealing video and audio journey of musical lust. The site officially launches on September 17th 2010.

Formed in 2009, Venus On Fire’s success has mirrored their name. Manager, Vladmir Xiong, has hired JumpStart Ink to direct the band’s media firestorm. The band is in their sophomore year. Already, Venus On Fire has had advantageous media placement. Inside Entertainment television show spotlighted the band. Venus On Fire also possesses the renowned credential of playing to sold out crowds at The Hard Rock Cafe. The band has been featured in various magazines and on a variety of radio and television shows too. will offer fans a fresh look and re-introduction to the band. New photos,redesigned merchandise, teaser audio tracks and preview tour dates will be just some of the exciting components of the new site.

Venus On Fire is constructed of three talented musicians. Victoria Vang’s unique voice births the band’s astonishing sound. Vang’s alluring silhouette helps too. Leng Moua is a charismatic guitar player. Moua has learned to compliment Vang’s complex emotionally inspired lyrics into simply stunning riffs. David Yang is literally the back beat of Venus On Fire. Yang’s drumming is incomparable and provides the band with their signature sound.

In August 2009, Venus on Fire released “Thank You,” a bewitching lyrical ballad complimented by musically dynamic melodies. Venus on Fire is scheduled to kick-off their next major tour in December of 2010 in support of their up and coming EP in early 2011. Tickets are guaranteed to be in demand for Venus On Fire’s winter tour. Fans and media alike are encouraged to visit and subscribe to the band’s newsletter to gain information on pre-sales, credential opportunities and much more.

Venus On Fire’s fashion forward ways mix leather & lace with rock n’ roll. Their media outreach includes Ellen Degeneres’ 11:11 label as well as an approach with Atlantic Records. For a full list of business ventures and their media forecast, please utilize the contact information listed within this release or on

Venus On Fire is in good company. Their publicity firm, JumpStart Ink’s,consultants have received qualified credentials from CNN, The International Press Awards, Silver Lining/Silver Lake, CineVegas, The Palms, Camp Freddy, Five Finger Death Punch, Pennywise, Mario Barth’s Starlight Tattoo, The House of Blues Las Vegas, The Tattooed Millionaires, The Hard Rock Hotel and Station’s Casinos for Scott Weiland.

JumpStart Ink’s publicity campaigns have gained media on Billboard, Florida Times Tribune, Vegas Rocks Magazine, NBC, ABC, CBS, Fox, ESPN, X-Radio Biz, Nights Over Las Vegas and the Tennis Channel to keep the list extremely concise. In addition, our consultants (and their clients) have received endorsements from Whole Foods Market, Shine Drums and PRS Guitars. Product placement has been gained in national Blockbuster and Wal-Mart stores along with placement on Gossip Girls and in nationally distributed films. Some of the entertainment clientele have opened for Bon Jovi, John Popper, Rob Thomas of Matchbox Twenty, Cyndi Lauper, Daryl Hall, Bryan Adams, Kansas and Nancy Sinatra.


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Helene Vece with JumpStart Ink


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Posted On: Saint Paul, MN September 14, 2010

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