The National Association of Professional Women’s Sacramento Chapter Continues to Have Successful Bi-monthly Local Chapter Meetings

Susan Darrow, local NAPW chapter President in Sacramento, has had such great success with her meetings that they have two meetings, both a lunch and a dinner meeting, each month in order to accommodate the busy schedules of the members.

Sharon opened the meeting by welcoming everyone, with a special warm welcome for people attending for the first time. She then spoke about the National Association of Professional Women organization and what makes it unique among networking groups, in particular the importance of supporting and honoring the “whole woman”, rather than just the business or professional identities of the members. She gave them the current numbers of the local chapters, but expressed our pride in being the first in the nation. During the December 14th meeting there was a videographer present filming the meeting. Sharon asked everyone to just ignore the camera, enjoy the meeting as always and just forget the photographer was in the room.

Shirl Whiteman, of the Empire Pharmacy Trade Association, explained that her job is to help independent pharmacies set up everything in the building. She can literally take an empty building to a complete and effective retail store by organizing every section and phase of the store. She now offers those same organization talents to individuals and businesses in her new business called Get It Together in Sacramento, LLC. Shirl spoke in depth about the importance of carefully selecting a pharmacy and sticking with it. Some of the criteria in making a selection are pretty basic such as friendly helpful staff, clean and well-stocked store, and wide selection of health items available. Some of the most important things are not obvious, such as a staff that asks lots of questions when they take in a prescription, such as your health status, all drugs and over the counter medications and products you are using, and what symptoms you have. She emphasized the fact that your pharmacist has much greater education and knowledge about drugs than your doctor, and is always available for your questions.

June Azevedo, owner of Azevedo Print & Design, shared some information for all businesses working with the state of California. She said that as of the morning of 1/11/10 the state has frozen payments of all invoices over 0.

Ramona Herriford, of Herriford Insurance, told us that she is making some major changes in how she does business due to some vision challenges that keep her from being able to drive. She still provides her business and personal customers with a wide range of insurance advance and assistance, but will be working primarily from her office rather than out in the field. As a consequence she, like many other members, will be working hard to improve her website,, presence!

Jean Hooks, a guest of Ramona Herriford, visited for the first time. She spoke about Celebration Arts, a performing arts organization that features live theater, a full schedule of classes, and is one of the best-kept secrets in Sacramento! Celebration Arts is located at 45th and D, and was founded on the premise that “life is a celebration and love is the key”. She said that they are a wonderful place to go for entertainment, and a place that is always looking for volunteers to contribute their talents and energy.

Sharon Donat, after a lifetime of working in the insurance industry, talked about working part-time with a Farmers Insurance office while enjoying semi-retirement. Like Ramona she is also dealing with vision issues and is soon to have cataract surgery. Working with her mildly autistic grandson is an important focus of her time, and she was able to confirm the incredible importance of music and the arts to this little boy and others with similar challenges.

Darlene Justice, a CPA with her own practice, reminded all of us that tax time is here! She finds that attending our local chapter meetings is a great way to destress, so will do her best to find time to attend during the next few months in spite of the tax preparation pressure. She provided some valuable tips from a recent IRS seminar regarding what they are planning to focus on for future audits. Two items to be very careful about — maintaining support documentation for mortgage interest and merchant charges from the credit card companies.

Janet Moe is a retired music teacher whose passion is promoting music and the arts. She is an organist with her church, as well as working with local musical groups, and keeps our members up to date about musical events. There will be a free handbell concert will be at the Good Shepherd Lutheran Church on this Saturday, 1/16, at 7:30 PM. The Sacramento Childrens Choir will be giving a concert on 1/31. She also reminded us that the Sacramento Community Concert Series, of which she is a board member, would be starting their new season in March. All of that information and expertise to share, but Janet loves coming to meetings because of all that she learns from the other members!

Maggie Montgomery, attending for the first time from Placerville, is a colunteer chaplain for the women at the jail in El Dorado County. She said that her initial reservations and discomfort with dealing with inmates has turned into lifechanging work. Dollhouse Ministries provides the women with 2-year internships so that they have valuable business and life skills to build successful futures at the end of the 2-year periods.

Andrea Newhouse, director of aquatic services at Easter Seals, talked about their heated pool that is available for anyone with a doctor’s prescription. Andrea is also interested in music and is part of a chanting group that does community outreach. She plays finger cymbals, while her husband plays the guitar, harmonium, and other instruments.

Rebecca Ward, of Rebecca Ward Designs, specializes in residential interior design and plans to get her national certification during 2010. She is looking forward to expanding into commercial designs for small office buildings and restaurants in the future. She graciously offered to speak on any design subjects that our members might be interested in, and asked them to please contact her with ideas.

Rhonda Grey, also attending for the first time, has been with MGO, which does IT recruiting, for one month!

Linda Melody, with Pre-Paid Legal, told us that last year 1 person in 30 had their identity compromised. Her company works to restore your identity if it happens to you, while providing a full line of legal assistance.

Their premise is that all Americans deserve not only equal treatment under the law, but equal access to the legal system as well.

Vesta Attaway, of VA Creations, is an inventor and author of a book on how to do your own patents, “Launch to a Successful Idea”.

Evette Smith, of Therapeutic Sports Bodyworks, shared the exciting news that while massage therapists are “a dime a dozen”, she has recently submitted her application to be state certified. She is also an accomplished aromatherapist, dealing with essential oils. She is now doing “space clearing”, to improve the environment of your home and/or office. Evette was very excited to say that after closing her Elk Grove location last year, she has now opened up a new location in East Sacramento off 30th. Street.

Sara Lopez says that she “builds bridges”. She characterizes her business as a way to empower women to build financial freedom, and to teach consumers how to purchase their items out of their own online store. She is an independent business owner with Amway Global, and would love an opportunity to help members augment their current lives through a proven model.

Kate Carrol, owner of KC Designs Interiors, is celebrating her first full year in business. Her passion is helping people feel great in their own homes.

Susan Harke, of Susan Harke CPA and 2 Gun Tex Mobile Notary, was very excited to let us all know that she had been contacted by NAPW for a Woman of the Year award for accounting.

Terry Burke Maxwell is both an author and publisher through her company name, The Maxwell Group. She specializes in math books and teacher’s resource books, but has now entered into the second phase in her business. The Maxwell Group can publish manuscripts for others, particularly things like family histories, biographies, California history books, as well as educational and instructional materials. Terry made a special thinks to June Azevedo for her assistance in getting two of her books done. The Maxwell Group website is now offering a donate section on their site to assist local charities that needed her instructional materials.

Teri Hicks is the owner of a catering business, called It’s All Good Catering. She is working this month to expand their vegetarian and vegan offerings, in addition to their fish and chicken meals. She enjoys food and is working hard to help people make healthier choices, specifically mentioning a new brownie recipe.

Judith Pribyl-Jasperson, Finance Director of Sodexo, was attending for the first time. She has achieved her management status after working for Sodexo for a long time, and explained that while the corporation does many things, she just counts the beans! Judy’s passion outside of work is pugs, but she says that she hopes the group will help her develop and expand her life outside of work.

Deborah Finn, a new member of the National Association of Professional Women and first time attendee, is the owner of Artistic Staging and Redesign Company. She just started her business during this last year and helps homeowner’s stage and redesign their homes. If they are moving, she helps them stage the house to sell more quickly. After they move, or even if they are not moving, she can assist them in redesign so they are more comfortable in the space. Deborah is also passionate about floral design, having been a professional floral designer prior to going into staging. In her off work time she and her husband love to travel in their RV.

Marissa Eldreth, founder and CEO of BizWiz Consulting and Marketing Solutions, is passionate about helping women, especially young women with children. She specializes in working with non-profits as well, especially in assisting them with organization and fundraising. Marissa brought materials from the North Rec Roseville Rec Center, which is an after school program that feeds between 45 and 65 children after school from about 3PM to 6PM. They are always in need of food and school supplies. She said they will be having a fundraising event in March, so members might want to exhibit. Marissa let all the members know that she is available to do consulting with any non-profits that they support which might need her assistance.

Sharon Darrow was the last to talk about her business, Travel ID Cards. She showed samples of the company products, KidsTravelCard, TeenTravelCard, AdultInfoCard, and the PetTravelCard. She is also now doing custom cards for organizations, with or without photos. Sharon now has a NAPW Photo ID, which comes with both a black lanyard and strap clip for convenience.

Both meetings were enjoyed by all, full of warmth and sharing. All the members, whether attending for the first time or one who has come to many meetings, enjoyed the opportunity to share and support one another.

For additional information regarding the NAPW and its local chapters, please visit . You can also visit us at and

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Posted On: Garden City, NY (Vocus) March 10, 2010

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