The Lampifier® Company Releases World’s Most Convenient Live Performance Microphones with Built-In Sound Processing

The Lampifier Microphone company introduces a new category of professional, wired microphones having a phantom-powered, audio-enhancing processor inside the microphone’s handle. At their website,, the company claims they are “the world’s most convenient live performance microphones” because achieving superior sound is so easy—just plug in and play. These mics are available pre-programmed for a variety of applications such as Pro Concert Vocal Microphone for the stage, Podium/Lectern Speaking Microphone for churches and auditoriums, Vocal Ensemble Microphone for choirs, Acoustic Guitar Microphone and more. Total system cost is greatly reduced by including the processing inside the microphone. The result is a polish, professional sound with no outboard processors.

The Lampifier Company has created a new category of professional dynamic microphone with a phantom-powered, audio-enhancing processor inside the microphone’s handle. The programmable sound processor optimizes the microphone for various applications. No extra patch cables or outboard sound processors are required. The company claims to have “the world’s most convenient live performance microphones” because achieving superior sound is so easy—just plug in and play.

The internal sound processor enables the microphone to deliver a polished, professional sound right out of the box. It self-adjusts to the incoming sound, making program adjustments by the user generally unnecessary. The user also can reprogram the processor to use the microphone in other applications or customize the microphone to his/her personal style or preference. Reprogramming is done with the help of a free Online Programming Tool found at the company’s website,

Gary Osborne, inventor of the Lampifier® microphones and co-inventor of the well-known Sustainiac® sustainers for guitar explains, “Lampifier microphones significantly reduce total sound system cost by processing the sound inside the microphone.” He continues, “A Lampifier microphone with its internal sound processor costs about the same as an ordinary professional microphone but typically outperforms with regard to clarity, articulation, and loudness while being resistant to feedback.”

Troy Stetina, professional musician, guitar educator and head of Lampifier field testing, says, “The most common question I hear from singers who try out any of our vocal microphones is, ‘When can I get one of these!’ The response has been overwhelmingly positive.” He continues, “Lampifier vocal microphones also work exceptionally well in speaking applications such as churches and schools. Anywhere you want to bring the sound dynamics into a more controlled range and minimize feedback.”

How does it all work? Each Lampifier Microphone is a high-quality, professional dynamic microphone with a patent-applied-for, self-leveling, audio-enhancing processor inside the microphone’s handle. The processor increases loudness, clarity and smoothness while preserving and enhancing beneficial transients.

The processor is not an ordinary compressor/limiter, however, which simply acts to reduce the sound level above a given threshold. Instead, the Lampifier processor retains and delivers the intended dynamics within a reduced range utilizing a unique, self-adjusting “natural” compression ratio. Therefore, compression is applied intelligently at all levels, creating a smoother and punchier sound with increased clarity of articulation in all passages—loud or soft.

As a result singers and public speakers have added strength in the more softly delivered passages. (For singers this is especially helpful for falsetto and in the more difficult-to-project lower vocal ranges). The user can, in effect, go from a ‘whisper to a shout’ without getting lost in the mix one moment or blasting above it the next. For public speaking, every word projects more evenly to the back of the room.

In addition the processor includes an adjustable noise gate which effectively turns the microphone off when the desired sound source is silent. This blocks unnecessary, off-axis ambient noise, and prevents unwanted, low-level feedback.

From amateur to professional, testimonials are flooding in. Rick Martinez of St. Andrew Historic Church in Florida says, “…a noticeable improvement over every mic we tested against… it gives our teens the confidence to be able to sing their best.” And Tom Flaten with Christ the King Church in Indianapolis says, “Our Sennheiser mics have stayed in the closet since the Lampifer mics arrived.”

Professional vocalist Scott Yanke of the rock group Second Soul sums it all up by saying, “This mic kicks a**! At high volume my voice is much easier to control with the Lampifier mic.” And Ian Abrahamson of Ian & the Dream says, “This microphone allows singers to be honest with dynamics in a live setting. What’s more important than honesty?”

But why the weird name, “Lampifier”? Inventor Gary Osborne explains, “The circuit actually uses a tiny light bulb. So it’s the unusual combination of a lamp—a miniature light bulb—and an audio amplifier. A lamp-amplifier, or lampifier for short.” Unlike an ordinary bulb, however, the tough, impact-resistant Lampifier audio bulb is designed for sound quality, extremely long life (typically 25 years or longer), and durability instead of light output.

Lampifier Microphones are factory pre-programmed for a variety of specific applications. These include professional vocal microphone applications such as Pro Vocal microphone, Extreme Vocal microphone (for high volume rock vocal and hip hop microphone environments), Intimate Stage vocal microphone for low to moderate volume environments, Reggae/Latin/Soul vocal microphone, Vocal Ensemble microphone for choirs and other larger groups, and more.

In addition, several microphone models are programmed for various speaking applications. These include the Live Address microphone, which is perfect for church, school, or auditorium use, a podium/lectern speaking microphone and the Stand-Up Comedy or Public Announcement Microphone.

A variety of live instrument sound reinforcement applications complete the line-up. These include an Acoustic Guitar Microphone, an Electric Guitar Amplifier Microphone, Live Piano Microphone, Stage Theatre Microphone, and more.

Each Lampifier Microphone is fully programmable and customizable. While not generally necessary, you may fine tune any program to suit your own unique preferences. Do you prefer more or less compression? Slightly higher or lower gating? Just move a jumper. It is also important to note that Lampifier Microphones may be re-programmed at any time to suit another application entirely. You can easy change the Pro Concert Vocal to Stand Up Comedy for example, just by moving a few jumpers on the circuit board.

Lampifier microphones may be purchased directly at the company’s website or contact:

Troy Mulander



About the Lampifier® Company:

The Lampifier Company is an innovator in audio engineering with the goal of rethinking the basics to provide important product improvements. Lampifier is a registered trademark and a dba of, a privately held corporation and online retailer of sheet music and musical instruments.

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Posted On: Indianapolis, IN April 28, 2010

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