strumShorties, Eye Candy for Your Ears

strumShorties™ Volume One, debut release from the strumCompany. New music for the Internet generation. A bite size format spawned from the world of competitive air guitar. Hits like a musical espresso.

strumCompany releases Shorties™ Volume One, twelve 30-second song bites filled with unanticipated ambient sounds. An alternative song format for the Internet generation, Shorties™ are meant to be sprinkled throughout your iPod playlist in order to cleanse your musical palate. Ideally, the format is composed of two parts, the setup and the hook. It’s all over before you know it.

Shorties™ were designed to deliver that out-of-place part in a song experience that you find yourself waiting for, like studio chatter or a cheap guitar riff. Carrying titles like, “Nites on Pluto” and “Double Oh What’s His Name”, strumShorties™ are fashioned to make you think, providing the listener a quick hit, like a musical espresso.

The original idea for strumShorties™ was spawned from the world of competitive air guitar. Contestants seek to design the perfect one-minute performance clip, scouring tunes from classic to modern rock. It’s usually the musical highlight of the track, one the audience and the judges will recognize.

strumShorties™ Volume One is currently available on iTunes and from other not-so-famous digital music distributors.


Posted On: Rochester, New York August 20, 2010

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