Sterling Heart Music Releases “It’s About Joy! Empowering Songs 4 Kids” In Time for the Holidays

Sterling Heart Music releases Sandi Kimmel’s “It’s About Joy – Empowering Songs 4 Kids,” written to support the growth of healthy, happy children. Self-esteem, self-empowerment and self-confidence building songs with “musical affirmations” kids love to sing .Universal and non-denominational, these eighteen songs express themes of love, spirit, joy and gratitude with positive messages wrapped in sing-out-loud melodies for children of all ages.

Sterling Heart Music announced today the release of singer-songwriter Sandi Kimmel’s newest album, “It’s About Joy! Empowering Songs 4 Kids.” Available by download on iTunes or on CD, “It’s About Joy!” is a collection of 18 songs intended to uplift, inspire, soothe and support growing healthy, happy children. Universal and non-denominational, the songs express themes of love, spirit, joy and gratitude with positive messages wrapped in sing-out-loud melodies for children of all ages.

Kimmel weaves positive messages with age-old wisdom in easy-to-remember songs, using music to connect children with their inner knowing and the ability to reach up and out into their individual greatness. Filled with “musical affirmations” and rooted in music’s powerful effect on both sides of the brain, the songs lay the foundation for growing up feeling secure, optimistic, awake and energized, and with a sound understanding of the endless possibilities of the world in which we live.

“My 5-year old son goes to sleep to your music every night.” – Jeff K., NJ

“I bought your CDs for myself…but my kids keep asking me to play them.” – Olga R., CA

According to Kimmel, “Ever since I wrote a song for my nephew’s birth (Zachary Aaron), parents and grandparents ask me to write more children’s songs. I love the idea that there is an army of children happily singing these songs out loud, triumphing over fear and adversity, knowing that they are loved.”

Ideal for children from birth through teens, “It’s About Joy – Empowering Songs 4 Kids” includes songs selected from Kimmel’s trio of albums – Transitions (2000), Music In My Soul (2002) and Reach Up (2008) – and were chosen for the positive impact they have on children. Drawn from ancient wisdom as well as contemporary philosophies like Law of Attraction, the songs foster self-esteem, self-empowerment and a healthy view of humankind.

Kimmel’s spiritual view of the world comes through in her songs. “People have told me that my music helps them understand what they believe in,” she explained. “It’s great to be able to help kids develop a foundational understanding of a benevolent Universe, with an image of God as the light within each of us. These songs represent everything I believe to be true, what I’ve learned about the way the Universe operates and they reflect where I am now on my own spiritual journey. I wrote them because they help me remember when I forget that life is an incredible, amazing, journey and they help me “stay tuned” to the vibration of love.”

“You capture the essence of every spiritual teaching in your songs. Your music helps me know what I believe in.” — Laura G., AL

Strong vocals, harmonies, acoustic guitars, bass, piano and percussion deliver these tuneful songs with infectious energy. And the ideas they promote are positive and powerful. “It’s About Joy – Empowering Songs 4 Kids” is a great gift idea for the children in your family…or even for your own inner child.

All music and lyrics on “It’s About Joy – Empowering Songs 4 Kids”by Sandi Kimmel, published by Sandessence Music (BMI), except Angels Are Dancing and It’s About Joy, are co-written with Beddy Sinkoff. Produced by John Guth & Sandi Kimmel. All songs recorded by John Guth, except Baby Jack’s Lullaby, recorded by Jeff Dykhouse Background vocal:Beddy Sinkoff, Lisa Lipkin, John Guth, Zachary Aaron Kimmel, Bill DeSiena. Creative Director: Patrick J. Murphy

In addition to her albums, Kimmel also creates custom one-of-a-kind songs for special people and special occasions including births, birthdays, weddings and anniversaries, memorials and tributes.

“We keep one copy of Benjamin’s song in the car and the other in the CD player. Whenever he gets fussy or cranky, we put on his song and he starts smiling right away. It’s a miracle!” – Emma R., mom

“Wow. Absolutely incredible. I was so surprised to hear MY song! It was such a nice, warm, incredible song and the greatest gift I could have gotten. When the song started playing, I had the biggest smile anyone has ever seen on my face. Thank you soooooooooooooooo much!” – Seth, student

Kimmel uses her music, as a nationally-acclaimed Musical Motivational Speaker, delivering Keynote Concerts, workshops and retreats for a variety of venues including national conferences, state associations, wellness retreats, hospitals, destination spas and spiritual centers. A natural “uplifter” and wisdom weaver, she uses her songs and her heart to deliver motivational messages of empowerment, self-discovery, self-care and self-acceptance. Four of her most popular topics are available as audio CDs and are also available for download.

Kimmel is a charter member of the Healing Music Organization and the Positive Music Association. Together with her husband, Patrick Murphy, she created HEART WIDE OPEN – Self-Care for Caregivers, a unique handbook filled with tips to ease caregiver stress. More than 30,000 copies of the handbook continue to help caregivers across the country find balance in these challenging times.

Sterling Heart Music is a division of Sterling Heart, Inc., a company dedicated to making positive change in the world through heart-centered music, programs, products and services. For more information about Sandi Kimmel, “It’s About Joy – Empowering Songs 4 Kids”, Sterling Heart Music, or to set up an interview, keynote or workshop, please contact Patrick Murphy 619-838-1170. “It’s About Joy – Empowering Songs 4 Kids” is available on CD and MP3 downloads, both available on the website:


Posted On: Temecula, CA December 2, 2010

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