Announces Amanda Cottreau as Artist of the Month for November 2010

Ottawa-based folk singer-songwriter Amanda Cottreau blends haunting melodies with themes of love and redemption.

It’s not often an artist can point to one profound life experience as being the central turning point in her career. Ottawa-based singer-songwriter Amanda Cottreau, however, has just such a moment. While working at a hospital, Cottreau was tasked with helping rehabilitate a patient who had suffered a head injury that affected his ability to communicate. “I had heard that he was a musician so I decided to bring in a guitar for him one day. As soon as he picked it up, he played ‘Norwegian Wood’ flawlessly. It was amazing.”

Born in Nova Scotia, Cottreau,’s November 2010 Artist of the Month, grew up singing in church choirs. But not until her experience with the recovering musician did she fully understand the power of music. “I decided at that point that I wanted to learn how to play the guitar. That’s when I began playing and writing my own songs.”

Since then, the Canadian songstress has been busy refining her hauntingly beautiful brand of folk, elevating sadness to triumph and desolation to celebration.

Her tunes are wrought with internal conflict but always seem to offer some sort of resolution through self-awareness. “Couldn’t Wait” is a heartbreaking account of a lost relationship that held out for too long before burning out. Cottreau’s tender vocals are gorgeous in their subtlety, almost ghostly, and the track bears the sparse, plodding acoustic guitars and tasteful string arrangements that are characteristic of most of her material. However, Cottreau has a playful side, as well, as evidenced by the ragtime feel of “County Fair.”

“I try to make my music about authenticity more than anything else,” Cottreau said. “Being honest with yourself, expressing grief and experiencing the beauty in sadness. I want to speak to those difficult parts of the human experience but I also want to put a positive spin on it.”

While she cites Tori Amos and fellow Canadians Sarah McLachlin and Sarah Harmer as influences, Cottreau has a voice all her own. There’s something almost old-timey to Cottreau’s approach that recalls the sweetness of artists like Feist. These are mere comparisons, however, as Cottreau’s individuality is her greatest asset. According to Cottreau, has provided her with a unique platform through which she can share her music as well as experiences with other indie artists and fans. “I needed a place to go where I could communicate with other artists who were where I was,” Cottreau said. “It’s the community element more than anything, I never thought I’d win anything.”

Her new album, “Universe in a Soft Shell” is set for its digital release later this month. For more information on Cottreau and to hear her music, visit

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Posted On: San Marcos, CA November 2, 2010

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