Santa Knows When You’re Left-Handed: Great Gift Ideas for Left-Handed Kids has just added two new custom products for left-handed kids. Lefty’s washable Little Lefty’s Writing Guide and Tie Shoes Instruction Card are specifically designed to help lefty kids with two very common challenges – learning to write and draw correctly, and tying their shoes. has just added new custom products for left-handed kids! In addition to having the world’s largest selection of tools and gifts for left-handers of all ages, Lefty’s has a special focus on left-handed kids. Two brand new products, the Little Lefty’s Writing Guide and the Tie Shoes Instruction Card, are specifically designed to help young lefties with two very common left-handed challenges – learning to write and draw correctly, and tying their shoes.

The new washable Little Lefty’s Writing Guide, designed to be positioned in front of the user like a placemat, shows an outline of the proper paper position for the most ergonomic and successful left-handed writing. The set includes 2 wide-ruled tablets that fit exactly in the outline on the mat. Clear instructions and diagrams showing the best writing hand position are written beside the paper outline. On the reverse is a washable printing guide with space to copy each letter, and notes on which letters are formed differently by lefties. Learning correct writing position and habits will literally improve a lefty kids’ life – their ability to learn, their posture, and their interest in art are all directly connected to this basic skill. Each mat comes with a set of damp-erase markers as well two paper tablets.

Difficulty learning to tie shoes is a classic lefty problem, especially for kids of right-handed parents. Lefty’s new Tie Shoes Instruction Card comes complete with a practice lace. Step-by-step pictures of a hands tying a shoelace left-handed surround a large picture of a tennis shoe, perforated with holes for the shoe lace to go through. This tie training card makes it easy for parents to show their lefties how to practice tying their laces. On the reverse are pictures of famous lefties, along with brief stories about them.

Lefty’s has loads of other gifts for left-handed kids – including both sets and individual items. With the world’s biggest selection of left-handed scissors, Lefty’s has scissors for little, bigger, and big kids. Scissors sets come in colors popular with girls, and in colors popular with boys. Drawing, writing, and coloring can be much easier for lefty kids with left-handed notebooks and drawing tablets, along with pens, pencils, markers, and even calligraphy sets designed to work left-handed.

You can find left-handed rulers, left-handed pencil sharpeners, and books about lefty kids; activity books, boomerangs, and magnet dress-up sets for our lefty President Obama; left-handed T-shirts, baseballs, guitars, and kids’ watches. is a wonderland of fun for left-handed shopping.

They say that Santa’s on his way, with left-handed toys and goodies on his sleigh! Make sure he makes it to your lefty’s house.


Posted On: San Francisco, CA (Vocus/PRWEB) December 15, 2010

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