Plusonesoft Warns iPhone/iPod Touch Users:Get Ready for the Geek-Hitting Carnival – Fly Geek Is Coming!

Simple to play, but completely addictive. Hilarious in style, and full of replay value. Join the crazy Geek-Hitting Carnival and punch annoying Geek far and high with hockey stick, axe or even chainsaw in Plusonesoft’s new fun iPhone action game Fly Geek, now available in app Store.

Plusonesoft, developer of acclaimed iPhone/iPad entertainment app Truth or Dare Roulette, today announced their latest iPhone/ iPod touch action game Fly Geek which is now available in App Store.

“It is a hilarious action game and quite addictive indeed. The whole idea is that geeks can be everywhere in life and sometimes they can be so annoying that you really can’t stand these creatures any more! Well, in the game Fly Geek, you don’t have to stand them at all!” Just ride on your black Harley, grab your weapon and hit the Geek as far as you can. And see how he falls on the ground and gets blasted by bombs, Superman booths, or even thrown away by giant octopus Paul and more!

Fly Geek is a never-ending iPhone/iPod touch action game with a really hilarious dark fun style. It is instantly playable and simple to control. Hit the Geek with up to 18 different weapons, from broom to Hockey Stick, even Guitar, Axe and Chainsaw! And there are many “accidents” could happen to Geek which can make him fly farther and higher — wrapped by spider webs, hit on Ninja Stars, blasted by Bombs, and thrown away by Octopus Paul…You name it! Amass money to buy more powerful weapons and outfits, and accomplish achievements to fulfill yourself!

Plusonesoft has also unveiled a video trailer of the game that can be viewed on YouTube now. This trailer shows the general gameplay of Fly Geek and also the awesome features it offers. Watch the video on YouTube:

The game also supports Open Feint, which allows user to challenge and compete with their friends around the world with the global leaderboards. And Apple Game Center integration is coming up soon in the next update.

Fly Geek is now available for an introductory price for .99 in App Store.

Visit Fly Geek App Store page to get it now:

About Plusonesoft Inc.

Plusonesoft creates fun and addictive games. Plusonesoft Inc. is a creative interactive software developer that specializes in applications and games for handheld devices, especially for Apple iOS platform. For more information, please visit:


Posted On: (Vocus) October 29, 2010

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