Piano Awareness Brings Business Competitors and Music Organizations Together to Highlight the Benefits of Music, Music Education and Piano Ownership

The first ever “Piano Awareness Month” will take place in Boulder, Colorado, September 2010. Eben Goresko, founder, envisions Piano Awareness as an opportunity for local/regional music organizations, piano businesses and professionals to join together and focus attention on the value and benefits of music for our culture and society.

The first annual “Piano Awareness Month” (September 2010) will take place in Boulder, Colorado. The purpose of this “pilot” event is to raise public awareness about the integral part the piano plays in our lives. The event will pay tribute to piano businesses and professionals in Colorado. Piano dealers, schools, music organizations, teachers and music studios along with the public are invited to participate.

Piano Awareness offers an alternative in the way that local and regional piano and music businesses can advertise their products and services. Typically, a dealer will sponsor a music event or performance by a renowned artist in order to promote their products lines. Yamaha, Steinway and other major piano companies weave this type of marketing and branding into the public mind day in and day out.

Eben Goresko, founder of Piano Awareness, asks the following questions. “Can local businesses afford to completely invest themselves in this kind of go it alone marketing approach, during an era where music is thought of as a commodity instead of as a human essential and is there a way they can work together, instead of against each other, for their mutual good during tough economic times?”

Goresko asserts that “Piano Awareness offers a new marketing alternative for these businesses to join together and to sponsor each other under the banner of Piano Awareness.” “This creates a synergistic opportunity for participants to promote themselves and to raise public interest in music and piano ownership.”

Goresko conceived of his idea over the past several years through his work on Colorado Piano Buyers Guide, a regional piano buyer’s piano portal dedicated to providing prospective buyers and sellers with helpful buying information.

The upcoming Piano Awareness Month “pilot” will help determine whether or not through this type of cooperative sponsoring approach, local music businesses can more effectively improve their sales and profits in the upcoming fall season. It will also spotlight attention on how the piano is one of the most beloved and enduring technologies to come out this country from the nineteenth century to present, how buying, owning and playing piano continue to be such a great value and investment for families and how anybody can enjoy the benefits of making music and learning how to play piano. The following Colorado businesses will be taking part in the upcoming Piano Awareness Month.

Representing Kawai, Schimmel, Young Chang and the Shigeru Kawai piano brands is Baker Piano Center, a family owned piano dealer with two stores located in Boulder and Highlands Ranch, Colorado. Bob Baker, the owner has been involved in music and piano sales since the late 1970’s. Baker Piano Center is committed to and sells acoustic pianos only. Baker Piano maintains a busy schedule of music recitals, pianists and students who perform regularly.

Another music store that sells print music, acoustic and electric pianos, guitars, amplifiers and music supplies – equipment is Rockley Music Center, located in Lakewood, Colorado. Rockley is a 3rd generation piano dealer and music store dedicated to supporting music and music education for his customers and community. Rockley sells many brands of piano including Baldwin, used Steinway’s, Bechstein, Yamaha and will be having a huge sale of Samick Pianos at the end of September.

Representing Boulder Piano Tuning is A Century Piano, a piano service company located just outside of Boulder. A Century is an established piano tuning, repair and restoration service with 40 years of experience in the craft. A Century Piano will be hosting a musical soiree at the end of September.

For more information on how you can create your own Piano Awareness event please contact Eben Goresko at egoresko(at)hotmail(dot)com.


Posted On: Longmont, CO August 10, 2010

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