Pêle-Mêle Works Releases “Intervallic Fretboard”, and Offers Improvising Guitarists a Novel Approach to the Instrument

Understanding intervallic relationships and geometric properties of the guitar fingerboard gives guitarists the ability to think outside the typical “guitar box”, and develop an intimate knowledge of the fingerboard, facilitating improvisation.

Pêle-Mêle Works releases a new instructional book offering guitarists a different take on the fingerboard, with improvisation as the underlying motivation: “Intervallic Fretboard ? Towards improvising on the Guitar”, by Ashkan Mashhour and Dave Murdy.

Whether in jazz, blues, rock, fusion, etc., shapes and patterns are widely used in teaching the guitar, be it for scales, chords, or arpeggios. Intervallic Fretboard takes a novel and different approach to the guitar fretboard, emphasising an intervallic thought process. Moving away from shapes, patterns, and keys, this knowledge of intervals on the fretboard and its geometric properties leads to an intelligent choice of notes based on their harmonic function.

Concepts are designed to enhance the guitarist’s understanding of the fretboard and ability to think outside the typical “guitar box”. They are applied throughout the book to concise examples and tunes, whilst reaching in the toolbox and marching towards the mindset of the improvising guitarist.

Praised by guitar greats Brent Mason, Biréli Lagrène, Brett Garsed, as well as Jimmy Brown (Guitar World) and Prof. Richard Smith (University of Southern California), Intervallic Fretboard demonstrates the versatility of intervallic thinking in various music genres and playing styles.

An accompanying CD/audio demonstrating all examples is available separately (see website). For more information on the book, visit: http://www.intervallicfretboard.com.

About Pêle-Mêle Works

Pêle-Mêle Works develops and publishes music instructional products for students, teachers, and practising musicians, amongst which the CHEATSHEET Music™ series (http://www.cheatsheetmusic.com).

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Ashkan Mashhour

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ashkan (at) cheatsheetmusic (dot) com

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