Parents Save Money Avoiding Rental Fees By Buying Musical Instruments

Comparison of buying musical instruments versus renting musical instruments reveals that buying the instrument is more affordable

Musician’s Friend, music gear retailer, recently compared costs of renting versus buying musical instruments and found that people usually saved more money purchasing their back-to-school instruments outright and were more satisfied overall with the instrument’s quality. Several factors led to this conclusion.

1. The compromised condition of the rented musical instrument. Rental companies often won’t disclose how many times the instrument has been rented and when rental instruments are well used, the sound often suffers. Since buying musical instruments ensure the item is in mint condition, the tone is better.

2. The expense of a rental instrument is typically more than a new musical instrument.

If a student rents an instrument for per month over a three-year rental period, he or she pays ,800 whereas a number of student musical instruments are available for less than 0. Plus, some companies will buy back used instruments for any reason through programs like Trade In Cash Out Program should a student give up playing.

3. If the student musician damages the musical instrument, parents face more charges.

Replacement costs are expensive for heavily damaged instruments. When buying musical instruments, the items are often covered by a warranty like the Musician’s Friend Platinum Protection so a student instrument is protected from normal dings and damage from accidents.

4. In rent-to-own programs, not all payments are credited towards the purchase.

Many rental companies only apply a percentage of the rental payments towards purchase. Other parts of the payment are applied towards tax and miscellaneous fees. For a three-year rental contract, often only one year of your payment will actually be applied towards the purchase of the instrument.

5. In “trial period” rental arrangements, payments can change midstream.

Many rental companies have an introductory “trial period” that features a lower payment than the remainder of the contract, which is only disclosed in the contract’s fine print. Other companies spin their offer saying they give an introductory “free” month of rent, but the missing payment is factored into a customer’s overall remaining payments and fees.

6. With rented instruments, the risk is more hassle and more fees at the end of the school year.

Many rental companies require customers to contact them to schedule a pickup or delivery of a rented instrument. If parents are late returning the instrument, the rental company will continue to charge your credit card on file, including late fees. Further penalties like the loss of your original deposit may also be charged. Even if customers do return the musical instrument on time, an inspection can be required and additional fees will be assessed based on the instrument’s condition.

Musician’s Friend invites parents to consider buying musical instruments from our range of band or orchestral instruments—including flutes, clarinets, cellos, violins, bassoons, basses and more band and orchestra instruments—for their back-to-school needs. Most items ship free, no sales tax is collected (except in UT, MO, IN, & WA), and a 45-day lowest price and complete satisfaction guarantee back every purchase, making the investment in a musical instrument risk-free.

About Musician’s Friend:

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Posted On: Medford, OR August 28, 2010

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