Painted Axe Â? Rescued Guitars With Personality

Painted Axe rescues and renews neglected but musically sound guitars into bold, vibrant instruments – guitars with personality.

Just as a riff or a song can identify an artist, so can his/her guitar. Painted Axe rescues and renews used guitars into bold, vibrant working instruments Â? guitars with personality.

Painted Axe ( is the brainchild of Michael Gauf, an entrepreneur and basement musician who believes that musical expression transcends cherry red, black, white and natural Â? the basic colors nearly every guitar manufacturer produces. Â?About the only time you really see something creative and expressive, itÂ?s linked to an awards ceremony or a special concert,Â? said Gauf, Â?and those usually get auctioned off for thousands of dollars.Â?

The impetus for Painted Axe also came from GaufÂ?s 14-year-old son, Nathan, who wanted the Â?right guitarÂ? for his growing metal band aspirations. A red BC Rich Warlock was close, but not enough. As a result, Â?DeadmanÂ?s HandÂ? Â? black aces and eights – was created. It was the launching pad for subsequent guitar themes: Â?Splatter,Â? Â?Flashback,Â? and Â?Crossroads.Â?

All guitars are pre-owned, carefully mined from pawn shops, garage sales and online auctions. Each is evaluated prior to the painting process for sound hardware and electronics. Once a design theme has been developed, the stripping, sanding, painting and finishing process can last anywhere from 5 days to several weeks.

Â?The renewed guitars are not meant to be hung on a wall and admired. Instead, we encourage you to use and enjoy the instrument as it was intended,Â? said Gauf. Great care is taken to protect the new design, as more than eight coats of clear lacquer are applied to every guitar body.

Â?While this is a labor of love, I take great pride in producing original and fun designs on these renewed guitars. ItÂ?s give me the opportunity to express my personality and interests and, hopefully, encourage some individuality and rebellion in musicians.Â?

To ensure the best quality, Painted Axe has chosen to revitalize guitars from recognized manufacturers, including BC Rich, Epiphone, Peavey, Washburn and others. In addition, Painted Axe has partnered with ArthurÂ?s Music Store, an Indianapolis music store, to perform the assessments and reassemble and setup the guitars upon completion. Painted Axe also will take custom orders from guitar enthusiasts.

Prices for the guitars start at about 0.

About Painted Axe

Painted Axe, based in Indianapolis, was founded in 2004 by Michael Gauf, who also owns a web development company. The company can be reached at 217-273-8030. Visit Painted Axe at

A 300 dpi publicity photo is available at

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Posted On: June 3, 2005

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