Online Teacher Now Offers Guitar Lessons For Real Life Application

Innovative guitar instructor is now offering guitar lessons that teach real life applications using popular songs and easy to remember chords as a basis. Learn to play a favorite tune in just ten minutes

Mike Hayes (, renowned guitarist and teacher from Queensland, Australia, has developed a new method called Express Guitar that is geared to teach aspiring guitarists useful tunes in no time.

In the past, the best way to learn to play guitar was to practice basic chords and learn simple children’s tunes that were worthless in a setting where a player wants to impress a crowd. Hayes’ Express Guitar method focuses on simple chords that require only two to three fingers as a starting point, allowing students to build upon maintaining a “groove.” Because the human response to music begins with rhythm, followed by melody and then harmony, the Express Guitar method hinges guitar lessons on building skills in this order.

In many cases, thick fingers or small hands play a role in the difficulty of learning to play guitars, making it hard for some to avoid accidentally pressing a string and causing others problems with reaching a string. Through Hayes’ impressive teaching method, new players are encouraged to design their own chord shapes that fit their hands and personal abilities.

Rev. Ron Leakey of Brooksville, Florida states: “I have tried books from the library and book store. I came across Express Guitar and wow, I am sold. I just love the way that the course is set up, simple precept upon precept. Express Guitar is the best teaching program out on the market today, bar none.”

These guitar lessons start with learning a handful of chords in a way that is easy for beginning guitarists to use with untrained fingers. The simplified teaching tool allows new players to learn enough chords in just ten minutes to play some of the most well-known songs on the radio today, including hits by Eric Clapton, John Mayer, and more. Many songs are built off of the same simple chords, and it is quick and simple to build a catalog of 50 songs for a party.

Pip Price of The Red Lion Inn in England says, “I don’t have any spare time in my business, but Mike’s course allows me to fit in fifteen minutes a day and see results.”

Anyone aspiring to learn to play guitar with little time on their hands and a lot of frustration at failed previous attempts can visit to learn more about Mike Hayes’ new Express Guitar method.

About The Mike Hayes Guitar Studio:

Mike Hayes, the mind behind Express Guitar, is a guitar teacher, author, and musician boasting over 30 years of professional experience. He has been hailed as legendary among method teachers and session guitarists. Located in Queensland, Australia, Hayes is passionate about his work and dedicated to helping students achieve success quickly.

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Contact Info:

Name: Mike Hayes

Address: 65 Horseshoe Bend Road

City: Gympie

State: Queensland

Country: Australia

Zip: 4570

Web Address:

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Phone: 617 5483 7731


Posted On: Queensland, Australia February 12, 2007

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