New Guitar Technique Enables Guitar Players to Learn to Play a Bar Chord in Under Two Minutes

Many guitar players struggle for years to learn to play bar chords. Beginning guitarists avoid them at all costs. But, classical guitarist and master teacher Douglas Niedt has released a new Guitar Technique Tip that enables almost anyone to learn to play a bar chord in under two minutes.

Guitarist Douglas Niedt publishes a free guitar technique tip on his website every month. Niedt’s newest and just released guitar technique tip enables almost any guitarist to play a bar chord in under two minutes. This is rather astonishing in the guitar world, as it usually takes months or sometimes years for students to master bar chords. Niedt explains how to do it step by step with six detailed, hi-def video clips. Among other topics, he explains a little-discussed guitar technique of using one’s arm strength to hold barres. This is particularly helpful for beginning guitarists, children, and others who may not have enough hand strength to play a bar chord clearly. Niedt goes on to explain various elements that can go wrong and how to fix them to get the chord to sound clearly.

Niedt often uses humor in his guitar technique tips to get his point across. In this month’s tip he includes a video spoof of the hokey late-night commercials for Ginsu Knives back in the 70’s titled, “Bar Chords–the Ginsu Knives of Guitar Playing.”

Guitar players who visit Douglas Niedt’s website may sign up to receive his Technique Tip of the Month for free. His past tips include topics such as harmonics, vibrato, slurs, playing fast scales, arpeggio techniques, how to practice, performing, and free Christmas arrangements. The tips are highly detailed and most include dozens of musical examples and close-up, high-def video clips. Over 60 free guitar technique tips are available on the site plus software training programs to help students learn the guitar fretboard, guitar theory, and improve their ear training skills. Niedt’s CDs, DVD, and books are also available for sale on the site.

Douglas Niedt is associate professor of guitar at the University of Missouri-Kansas City Conservatory of Music and Dance and a recording and concert artist. Niedt not only teaches at the University of Missouri, but also teaches privately in Kansas City, MO and provides video guitar lessons through his website.

For further information contact: Douglas Niedt,, 816-235-2922.


Posted On: Kansas City, MO December 1, 2010

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