My young son wants an electric guitar, any ideas for a good value guitar kit?

Neither my wife nor I play the guitar, but my young autistic son (11 years old) is really enjoying the acoustic guitar and now wants to progress to electric guitar and his guitar teacher reckons it is a good move. We have a budget of about £300 for a guitar, bag, practice amp, headphones and leads. Any ‘axe’ experts out there got some sensible views on what I should aim to buy him for Xmas? Thanks in advance.

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sony, casio, yamaha
by: riyadsabbas
on: 28th September 07

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7 Responses to My young son wants an electric guitar, any ideas for a good value guitar kit?

  1. riyadsabbas says:

    sony, casio, yamaha

  2. CorpseGrinder says:

    no no never buy a sony or casio or yamaha. Buy the guitar brands not computer and other stuff brnads. Brands like Fender or B.C Rich or Dean or Ibanez or Jakcson are the best for your son. But the question is, what type of music your kids loves to play. The fender and some jacksons, gibson, epiphone are mostly used in songs like ones played by jemi hendrix, Led Zeppling Pink floyd, the oldies stuff. If your kid is into Metal like Panera or Metallica of Lamb of god, then the ibenz or Dean is the right choice. If he is into Death metal black metal and Heavy Metal, B.C rich and jackson are good, oh and so is the Dimebag dean. The dimebag dean starter guitar is a really cool and good starter for beginners. Now the last thing to say is that, guitars are right for you once it feels right in your hand. if its not comfortable and he has trouble moveing his hand shifting, thats not the guitar he should use. hope this helps.

    -Arian ( playing guitar for 12 years and still is.)

  3. juan says:

    its called Jam Sessions for Nintendo ds..
    but i dunno if it is an electric guitar..
    its only 30 (american) dollars for the game 🙂

  4. car_man_phil says:

    Have a look on . There are guitar starter packs available from places like argos, but they are not usually very good quality. You can get a decent guitar for starting out on for for around 100 pounds (I recomend Squier) and a small practice amp from around 40 – 50 pounds, although I would recomend getting a good one like a fender or marshall. You could probaby spend about 250 pounds and get quite a good setup. Hope this helps.

  5. Daniel B says:

    Fender squier stratocaster and practice amp kit.

    The guitars are properly made by the famous fender company to a good standard and are very durable.

    If your son has occasional tantrums (my autistic son does) the guitars are quite tough and spare parts/repairs are readily available.

    Small practice amps such as marshall or fender of around 10 watts also come with a headphone socket and sometimes with an input socket for playing along with backing tracks from a CD player. An important feature on the amp is reverb – that echoy sound that will give the guitar some depth – make sure you get an amp with this feature.

    You should have plenty of change from £300 even if you get a soft gig bag and a guitar tuner – useful accessories. Maybe you could invest in a couple of effcts pedals to give a wider range of interesting sounds.

    Dont be shy of going into a guitar/music shop and explaining your problem – I know its a bit intimidating but believe me, based on long experience – the people who work in these shops generally do so for love of the instrument and, if its not a Saturday when they are busy, you will probably be really pleasantly surprised by the interest and care you are treated with. Staff at any good music shop should be happy to demonstarte the instruments and their features. If you buy an instrument from one of these shops it may be a little bit more expensive than Argos (they have a selection of starter kits) but it will be “set-up” properly – the bridge, intonation and height of the strings above the frets (the “action” of the guitar) should be ready to play!

  6. Europian+Canadian Girl says:

    buy a guitar?how about HE MAKES ONE

  7. Super-Villan says:

    hey man the cheapest guitars you can buy anywere on the net are here (click the union jack on the site to get english prices

    thomann’s own brand is harley benton I’ve not played one but I hear the are not too good even though the prices are fantastic

    so heres a few companies that make good budget guitars
    Also ask in your local music shop but be aware they are just trying to make you buy from them so think before you fall for their charm and keep well away from dawsons music shop

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