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MusicToyz launches (, a new website in the family, for guitar players and guitar fans to upload their own videos to share with the world.

MusicToyz launches (, a website for guitar players and guitar fans to upload their own videos to share with the world. A “YouTube” inspired site, dedicated to guitars and guitar lovers, is a free venue where video footage of guitar performance, interviews, lesson ideas, gear demos, and just about anything else guitar related is welcome. For the consummate professional or weekend warrior, the site makes videos easy to upload and offers wide exposure to other musicians, the industry, and fans and friends. will develop a library of demos and other videos for the public to view, review, and enjoy, and for history in the making. is just one of three websites from MusicToyz. Already with a strong presence on the web, ( is a website manager created to help musicians get their music online. offers full service music hosting to a growing audience of artists who want to share their artistic vision online, but are not website experts. can manage the songs, lyrics, information, images, and data. Since can be customized to such a great extent, it has become the perfect choice for those who want to ensure their site has a unique look and feel, and maintain control of the contents, with no internet advertising.

MusicToyz, the original site at, is the hip boutique alternative to the mega stores, selling unique and hard to find specialty guitars and guitar equipment, gathered from all corners. Online for nearly 15 years, remains on the cutting edge technically, providing customers the best and finest equipment to research and purchase. With rich content, is not just a store, but a community, with forums, chat, articles, blogs, independently produced radio, music and video clips, and more.

MusicToyz and its websites provide a wide variety of services for the guitar player in everyone, as well as guitar products that cannot be found anywhere else. A privately held company based out of Maine, MusicToyz continues to grow and expand, bringing guitars and technology together in innovative ways. For more information visit any of the MusicToyz websites, or contact owner Teddy Rasch at or 207-878-1722.

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Posted On: Portland, ME March 14, 2007

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