MediaNet Powers Premium Digital Content Delivery for Innovative New Customers

MediaNet announces all new customers that are utilizing the MN Open API and Web Components to deliver digital music and media to their end users. These customers span a wide array of industries including ecard providers, virutal game developers, and social media direct payment companies proving that adding premium content to a website or application is spreading beyond the traditional realm of digital music delivery.

MediaNet, the industry leading business-to-business provider of premium digital media content, announced today a new roster of customers utilizing the Company’s MN Open API and Web Components products. These customers represent a unique and innovative group of website publishers and application developers including Boomerang Networks, eCard Industries,, IndieOn65, M3X, MixZing, Music Mogul, Music Republic, Punch Entertainment and UnHappenit.

Alan McGlade, CEO of MediaNet commented: “MediaNet is proud to announce a diverse new set of customers utilizing the MN Open API and Web Components. We have signed up customers ranging from ecard providers to casual digital games networks to social media direct payments companies. The value in having premium digital content as a means to increase usage and revenues is beginning to go beyond traditional digital entertainment providers into a wider range of innovative product offerings. This is an exciting area of growth for MediaNet in the short amount of time since our new products debuted.”

These new customers integrating MediaNet’s APIs and/or Web Components include:

  •     Boomerang Networks: a leading social media virtual currency and alternative direct payments platform.
  •     eCard Industries: utilizing the HitMe platform, users can chose from a selection of cards and attach a digital gift.
  • provides users with the ability to download digital music and donate a portion to the charity or foundation of their choice.
  •     IndieOn65: a place for independent musicians and unsigned talent to showcase their music to consumers.
  •     M3X: a cutting edge digital entertainment and multimedia company with its core focus on portable multimedia solutions.
  •     MixZing: offers a music discovery service that recommends music to people based on their selections, as well as an advanced music player for Android.
  •     Music Mogul: an entertainment based, social gaming, virtual world aimed at unsigned artists and tailored towards music consumption and music lifestyle.
  •     Music Republic: a website that allows independent artists the ability to promote their music and fan discovery features.
  •     Punch Entertainment: builder of casual digital games, which users can play with friends, network and purchase music.
  •     UnHappenit: a web-based and iPhone application that provides the ability to purchase products and services as gifts to send along with a message.

For a complete list of MediaNet’s customers, go to

MediaNet provides premium digital media content to a network of customers through the MN Open platform. An API and easy to install Web Components deliver a set of powerful music and media content products including streams, downloads, music search, contextual matching and other media discovery tools. MN Open lowers the barrier to entry and reduces friction so anyone with a website or application can add premium content to their product. MediaNet powers music and media delivery for brands of all sizes including iLike, Tesco, MOG, Ultimate Guitar, Intertech Media and many more.

MediaNet,, is privately-held and is headquartered in New York with a offices in Seattle and London.


Posted On: New York, NY March 11, 2010

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