Leonardo Custom Cabinets Unveils New Line of Guitar Speaker Cabinets

Leonardo Custom Cabinets opens new guitar speaker and bass speaker cabinet company and product line.

Leonardo Custom Cabinets has unveiled its new line of quality guitar speaker cabinets which are quickly gaining notoriety in the Jazz Guitar community.

Currently the company offers five speaker cabinets. Their guitar cabinets include a 1×8” cabinet, a 2×8” cabinet, a 1×10” cabinet, a 1×12” cabinet. A specially designed 1×10” cabinet for upright bass players has also been developed. Each cabinet is individually handcrafted by master cabinet maker Jeff Leonard out of Jacksonville, Illinois where Mr. Leonard has been making guitar and bass speaker cabinets since 1965. “There are three major factors that we set out to conquer while designing this new line of cabinets”, said Mr. Leonard. “We wanted them to be very light weight, so to be extremely portable. We wanted them to have an elegant look and of course, a huge clear, clean sound.” All cabinets are constructed with premium materials, speakers, and hand-picked solid woods.

The new line of cabinets has already caught the eyes and hears of such notable jazz musicians like Corey Christiansen, Senior Editor at Mel Bay Publications/ Mel Bay Records recording artist and Rick Haydon, noted Jazz Educator/Mel Bay Records recording artist along with master guitar luthier, John Buscarino of Buscarino Guitars.

More information about Leonardo Custom Cabinets can be found at http://www.LeonardoCabs.com.


Posted On: Jacksonville, IL March 29, 2006

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