Left-Handed Store at Pier 39, San Francisco, is Brought Back by Popular Demand

Left-handers beseiged San Francisco’s Pier 39 with requests to bring back a left-handed store which had closed. It’s now been reborn with a bang as Lefty’s San Francisco: The Left Hand Store.

A store devoted to left-handers? Though lefties make up approximately 15% of the population, they are a largely silent minority. When the first store for left-handers in the United States opened on Pier 39 in San Francisco in 1978, it developed a devoted following. Sadly, the store was closed after a decade due to family illness. Ever since, Pier 39 has had countless requests to bring it back.

When the original space became available again in 2008, the unique retail concept was reborn with a bang as Lefty’s San Francisco: The Left Hand Store, an instant success. So powerful was their memory of a left-handed store just for them, many lefties thought the original store had never closed. Left-handers, used to struggling to adapt to the right-handed world, are thrilled to discover a huge variety of writing tools, notebooks, scissors, cooking tools, guitars, books, novelties, T-shirts, mugs, and left-handed kid’s tools designed just for lefties.

Now in their second year at Pier 39, Lefty’s has launched the world’s largest on-line store for left-handed tools and gifts, and has opened a 2nd location at Downtown Disney, The Marketplace, at the Walt Disney World Resort, Orlando, FL. The only retail store in the United States devoted just to making life easier and more comfortable for left-handers, Lefty’s has literally transformed the world for many of its grateful customers.

Visit Lefty’s online at http://www.leftyslefthanded.com.


Posted On: San Francisco, CA March 29, 2010

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