JOHN 5: New Release

“Songs for Sanity” on Shrapnel Records featuring Steve Vai and Albery Lee.

Songs For Sanity is a follow up to last yearÂ?s critically acclaimed “Vertigo.” On this phenomenal new record, 5 exhibits incredible diversity as a writer and guitarist. The album also further showcases him to be one of the most technically advanced guitarists in the business today. Fans of driving rhythms and ear-catching, over the top, guitar work will keep this in their CD player for months on end.

John 5 offers a fresh approach to guitar instrumental music on his new CD, which features a guest guitar solo from two of legendary guitarists – Steve Vai and Albert Lee.

“With these two particular guitar players, they were both, from the first time I heard them, was a life changing experience for me. It is a true honor to have on them on record,” explains John 5.

John 5 came to the Shrapnel label after creating a worldwide following as a widely respected guitarist with such platinum artists as Marilyn Manson, David Lee Roth, and Rob Halford. These prior gigs were before taking his notoriety to the next level with the release of “Vertigo,” an album that many guitar fans described as “the guitar album of the new millennium.” John 5Â?s eclectic influences combine for a truly unique guitar oriented record that once again sets new standards in the genre. With guitar sales near an all time high and last yearÂ?s “Vertigo” still among ShrapnelÂ?s current best sellers. Â?Songs For SanityÂ? is sure to be the next top seller.

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Posted On: Chatsworth, CA September 2, 2005

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