Jada Toys Returns to CRM Studios in Texas for Second Flight of TV Commercials

Commercials for 2010 shows exciting, expanded line of laser combat toys from Jada Toys’ Battle Machines.

For the second year in a row, Jada Toys of City of Industry, California, selected CRM Studios of Las Colinas, Texas, to produce its Battle Machines TV commercials for the fall season.

The decision to return to CRM Studios for the upcoming product release was based on CRM’s exemplary work on the first spots for Battle Machines in 2009. Production will once again utilize CRM’s “all under one roof” capabilities strategy, which compliments the spots’ need for combining live-action with animation. CRM touts an award-winning animation department under its “script-to-screen” production company arrangement, as well as a complete production/post production team of 28+ professionals to help develop, shoot, edit, animate and finish any spot.

“We once again chose CRM Studios because of the commitment to excellence they demonstrated last year,” said Frank Tzeng, General Manager of Jada Toys. “We appreciate the time they spend to really learn the product before the spots are developed. That means we get a level of work that includes the nuances of what makes a breakthrough product line so special.”

The thirty-second spot, along with two fifteen-second spots, will air on children’s programming this fall. The commercials support Jada’s new second generation of Battle Machines-Laser Combat Tag R/C toy. The second-generation product line includes different licensed Ford F-350 and Chevy Silverado 3500HD stylized trucks with laser cannons mounted on each vehicle’s hood. The first to score three hits while outmaneuvering the other licensed, custom vehicle wins! The Battle Machines product line was the first of its kind to combine the thrill of RC racing with the strategy of laser combat tag.

“CRM has a reputation within the toy market to produce high-quality toy spots at a reasonable price,” said Steve Dunning, CEO of CRM Studios and commercial director of both this year’s and last year’s spots.

Matthew Golding, Vice President of Marketing and Product development for Jada said, “This is the second time we’ve worked with CRM because we knew we’d not only get more exciting footage on the screen, but also the most value for the budget. CRM knows how to deliver a great commercial—and we are eager to see the spot drive business when it hits TV this fall!”

About Jada Toys, Inc.: Now in its eleventh year, Jada Toys, Inc. is a privately-held, leading manufacturer of authentically licensed and highly stylized die-cast collectibles, radio control vehicles, and toys. Popular brands produced by Jada include DUB City, Big Time Muscle, NexGen Muscle, and High Profile. Jada has also acquired major toy licenses for top brands such as NASCAR, Marvel Entertainment, Guitar Hero, Speed Racer and Chop Socky Chooks. Jada Toys’ products can be found in major retail and hobby stores worldwide, including Walmart, Target, Kmart, and Toys “R” Us. For more information, please visit http://jadaclub.com/index.php.

About CRM Studios: CRM Studios, a top-tier production/post-production communications company, produces commercials and projects for entertainment, corporate, government, and non-profit organizations. Director Steve Dunning has directed over 25 toy spots in his career with CRM. Clients include GameStop, Kinetix, Dillard’s, Alcon Laboratories, Burlington-Northern Railroad, Buxton Corporation, Northrop Grumman, CEC Entertainment, Williamson-Dickie and many others. Additional information can be found at http://www.crmstudios.tv.


Posted On: Dallas/Fort Worth, TX September 23, 2010

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