How much guitar can I maybe learn in about 5 months?

I’ve had a guitar for a while now, and I’ve always wanted to learn to play it. My hope is to learn how to at least do some improv in time for the summer (I have this dumb fantasy of playing at the beach lol). I know I can learn some songs quick, but I want to learn how to actually play. Any suggestions, comments, advice is welcome. Thanks in advance!

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on: 1st January 70

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4 Responses to How much guitar can I maybe learn in about 5 months?

  1. Kevin says:

    5 months you can learn a good amount, but only if you practice a lot. Once a day, preferably.

  2. Incubus151 says:

    Just look up tabs to songs you like and go to town that’s what I did and I learned alot of stuff, and you catch on to different things quickly, or buy a self teach book if you wanna learn to read music and stuff as well

  3. Travis Riley says:

    really it depends on who is teaching you but i learned to play in one month

  4. Callum B says:

    i had lessons for just over a year, i can safely say i can play the guitar, maybe not anywhere near the expert lvl i want to be at, but i can play alot, after 2-3 months i did my first grade and that taught me alot about the guitar i knew all the basic major and minor chords you will need to make a basic song… and believe me, you can make alot of music out of 3 chords!:P

    5 months will get you pretty far you will be able to do some nice picking patterns if thats the kind of things you like, if not you concentrate on what you like… you learn what you practice. and practice alot.

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