Hawaii-based Acoustic Ocean Spreads ‘Aloha’ Spirit this Holiday Season with Relaxing Instrumental Music

Acoustic Ocean brings Hawaiian serenity and soothing sounds to their music and to you with a Special Holiday Sale.

The relaxing music of Acoustic Ocean offers a simple solution to finding a more peaceful state of mind.

Entertainment Magazine Online says of their music, “This is music as healing energy. It not only is a pleasure to simply sit and listen to, it is also an ideal therapy tool which can be used for relaxation, massage, yoga, meditation and attitude improvement.”

Acoustic Ocean’s Peggy Morgan and Bette Phelan, both longtime touring musicians and recording artists, are also yoga instructors and therapists in several fields. While their music is a very enjoyable listening experience, it is also beneficial in supporting relaxation and overall stress reduction.

“Our hope in sharing this music is to help people to slow down and find a peaceful place within. People often believe that staying very busy will make them more productive and happy, when in fact studies have shown that the opposite is true. Taking time out to relax actually increases our creativity and enjoyment of life. Listening to relaxing music can be a great way to shift to a more healthful state,” explains Bette Phelan.

This appears to be true as relaxing instrumental music is gaining in popularity as an effective tool for improving health and an overall sense of well-being.

“More and more doctors are now using music as part of their patients’ treatments to help them stay healthy and recover more quickly from illness,” says Victoria Abreo, an alternative medicine specialist at BellaOnline.

Dr. Deforia Lane, PhD, MT-BC, Director of Music at the University Hospitals of Cleveland offers, “My advice for people dealing with stress around the holidays is to take mental breaks as much as possible. Put on a CD, close your eyes and breathe deeply.”

The music of Acoustic Ocean features Celtic harp and acoustic guitar, supported by numerous other instruments including cello, fretless bass, flute, hammered dulcimer and piano.

Independent music reviewer Raj Manoharan says of their music, “Morgan’s Celtic harp and Phelan’s acoustic guitar come together to create some of the most beautiful music ever recorded.”

“We enjoy creating music that is pleasing to listen to and that is also relaxing and uplifting for the listener,” shares Peggy Morgan.

Acoustic Ocean’s debut album, “Light Returning”, was released in 2009 and remained on the International New Age radio airplay’s Top 100 Chart for 7 months, (Zone Music Reporter, an independent service that monitors airplay on New Age and instrumental music stations worldwide).

Their newest CD, “Reflections on Still Water”, which was released in August 2010, entered the chart at #4 and continues to be in the Top 10.

British music review site, The Borderland writes, “‘Reflections on Still Water” is a wonderfully restful collection of tunes, an ideal tonic for so many of us who need to find some peace in our lives.”

Acoustic Ocean’s music is featured on Spa XM and other “spa” type programming and as part of Healing Health Service’s music for hospitals and patient care centers.

For a limited time Acoustic Ocean is offering a holiday special. When you order two or more music CDs, you will receive a 20% discount on your order, plus a free copy of the highly effective “Guided Relaxation for Stress Reduction & Deep Sleep” CD.

To order online visit, http://www.AcousticOceanMusic.com. To order by mail download the form included with this press release.

Give the gift of relaxation and beautiful music to loved ones and to yourself!


Posted On: Waikoloa, HI November 16, 2010

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