“ECOTONIC’ Featuring Chris Slade from AC/DC & Jason Ebs from Peter Criss – New CD “When Sparks Fly” Release Date 4/13/10

“When Sparks Fly” CD available worldwide 4/13/10 on itunes and most everywhere on the world wide web. 2 Songs from the CD are featured in the upcoming thriller movie “Chain Letter” due out Summer 2010. Free Download of the song “LIVE” at ReverbNation during the month of April. ECOTONIC is seeking Airplay, Management, Distribution, & Booking Agent.

Los Angeles based band “ECOTONIC”, which features Chris Slade from AC/DC, Jason Ebs from Peter Criss, Janea Chadwick Ebs (Loggins & Messina, Joe Cocker), and Martin Motnik (Uli Jon Roth), will be releasing their new CD “When Sparks Fly” worldwide on 4/13/2010 the web and at http://www.EcotonicMusic.com.

The CD is a collection of songs that range from “Slammin’ Pop” to “Modern Rock” and was recorded & produced entirely at Ebsworthy Sounds Recording Studio in Burbank, CA. The band had been writing & recording the CD over the last 3 years and is ready to get on the road in support of the new release.

“The actual process of writing and recording went rather quickly,” says Ebs. “The hardest part was working around life and everyone’s crazy schedules — and having a member change mid-stream also delayed the process” he added. “But in the end, we are extremely excited about the way the record came out and are looking forward to hitting the road!”

The title “When Sparks Fly” is a double entendre, signifying both the electricity that the band feels when they play together and the experience of witnessing The Station Fire rip through the hills of Glendale California last summer. “It was crazy” says Ebs. “We even got automated evacuation calls from the City of Glendale. We tried not to panic & held our ground as we watched the fire burn for 7 days. In fact, the picture on the back of the CD is was taken at night from the back yard of our studio.”

After hearing the final mix of the opening track “I’m In A Rock Band”, drumming legend Chris Slade exclaimed, “I have one thing to say about the CD & production…it’s f*cking brilliant! Brilliant by anyone’s standards…”

The songs “LIVE” and “I’m So Ready” will be appearing in the upcoming thriller movie “Chain Letter” starring Nicki Reed (Twilight New Moon), Betsy Russell (The Saw), Brad Dourif (Childs Play), and Bai Ling. The movie also features the track “Chains” off of Jason Ebs’ 2005 CD release “Twisted Roots”, which works perfectly as the end credits roll. Chain Letter is due out summer 2010.

Though appearing in a slasher film, the CD has an overall positive theme at a time when things are so crazy in the world. “Anything is possible when you put your mind to it” says Ebs “and we wanted to write songs that would both inspire and motivate people to follow their dreams.”

Promotion is being handled by James Edwards from What’s Next Productions. “Heavy drum grooves combine with plush melodic guitars and thumping bass to bring a wall of sound in a ‘Slammin’ Pop to Modern Rock’ kind of way” says James. “The mix of male & female lead vocals crosses the gender barrier, making their catchy songs capable of reaching all facets and ages of the mainstream market. They truly capture the California Sound.”

The catchy sing-along single “The Only One” and others like “Spin Me Around”, and “I’m So Sorry” represent the “Slammin’ Pop” side of the band, whereas the single “LIVE” and other songs like “Illumination”, “I’m So Ready” and “Walking Dead” represent the more heavier “Modern Rock” Sound with a hint of retro.

“There’s a whole line of merchandise that is available as well, from t-shirts to coffee mugs to baseball caps to ringtones” says Edwards. “The band is anxious to spread the word, so they are offering a free download of the positive rock anthem “LIVE” for the entire month of April.” It’s all available at a one stop-shop at http://www.EcotonicMusic.com.

The DIY band is currently booking dates in support of the new cd. The band is currently seeking Distribution, Airplay, Management, & Booking Agent. Interested parties should contact James Edwards or Jason Ebs at 310-710-1716 or at KinkyOrgan(at)aol(dot)com.


Posted On: Los Angeles, CA March 31, 2010

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