Beamz Player Selected for The 2010 Toy Insider Hot Holiday Toys List

Toy Insider Highlights Beamz Player as One of the Top Toys for Tweens

Beamz Interactive, an interactive music products company that develops innovative musical instruments and music entertainment products to enable people of all ages and skill levels to play music, announced today its Beamz Player product has been listed as one of the Top Toys for Tweens on the Toy Insider list for the 2010 holiday season, which will appear in the most recent November issue of Woman’s Day Magazine.

The Beamz Player Interactive Music System is a user-friendly music controller triggered by laser beams that allows consumers to create music by playing light. With Beamz, anyone may expand beyond just listening and experience music in a whole new way – by adding movement and creativity to make music by touching laser beams and interacting with light. For tweens who love their iPods or playing music games like GuitarHero, the Beamz Player allows you to:

  •     Interact with music videos and “join the band” by adding in harmonious instrument tracks and sound effects that complement popular video songs from leading artists licensed from Disney and EMI
  •     Change the course of top-hit songs and “be the band” by playing with “Jam” versions of popular songs from Coldplay, Lady Gaga, Rihanna, Michael Jackson, The Eagles, The Beatles, and The Black Eyed Peas to name a few
  •     Explore hundreds of different instruments and sound effects with Beamz original song compositions created by independent artists encompassing all music styles and genres
  •     Compete for the high score with ShadowBeamz, the interactive music game that comes with the system.

The Beamz Player includes 50 songs and users may add to their song library at The Beamz song library includes music to appeal to all ages and music interests. Beamz Original and Top-Hit Jam Songs are just .99 each and Video Jam Songs are .99 each.

“Over the past year, the Toy Insider team reviewed and evaluated the toys that will be available this holiday season to determine the most compelling and hottest new products to help gift givers get an early start on their holiday shopping,” said Jonathan Samet, Group Publisher of the Toy Insider and Adventure Publishing. “The Beamz Player caught our attention as it offered kids of all ages, especially tweens, the ability to interact with music in a whole new way. Its’ cool lasers and innovative technology make music making fun and easy, while offering a gaming component that fully immerses you into popular music videos and well known songs.”

The Beamz Player features a sleek design with four laser beams that trigger up to 12 different instruments, music clips, sound effects, or vocals as you pass your hands through the beams. Each beam controls a different pre-programmed instrument, rhythm or sound, so users can easily arrange and create their own music each time they play a song. Users may also capture and record their “performances” of the interactive songs, which may be saved in the windows media file (*.wmf) or wave (*.wav) file format for playback on computers.

“We are very excited about this holiday season,” said Beamz Interactive CEO Charlie Mollo. “In addition to receiving this Toy Insider Award, we have been featured in many Holiday Gift Guides and continue to receive positive responses on the consumer retail front as the product gets stocked at Brookstone, FAO Schwarz, J&R Musicworld, Learning Express Toys, and through leading online retailers including Amazon, ToysRUs and”

About the Toy Insider

The Toy Insider is THE SOURCE for the hottest toys and gifts for the holidays. Now in its fifth year, the Toy Insider is an annual guide featuring toy and gift recommendations broken down by age categories. The 2010 guide is jam-packed with 96 toy recommendations from more than 50 different manufacturers, each of which were carefully selected by a team of experts with years of experience in the toy industry. The Toy Insider is published by Adventure Publishing, publisher of leading industry trades The Toy Book and The Licensing Book.

About Beamz Interactive

Based in Scottsdale, AZ, Beamz Interactive, Inc. is an interactive music products company that develops innovative musical instruments and music entertainment products that enable people of all ages and skill levels to play music. Its premier product, the Beamz Player, is an affordable new musical instrument that allows people to make music by simply passing their hands through any of the laser beams that each triggers different streams of musical notes and sounds. Beamz players can access over a hundred songs, both originals and top hits, for inspiration to create their own music. Beginners and children can play with ease, while more experienced musicians will be amazed at its limitless possibilities to arrange, compose, produce and record music. Powered by a computer through a USB port, the Beamz is easy to install and begin using – reading music is not required. The interactive songs included with the Beamz Player and the additional songs available on the Beamz web site were created using the Beamz Studio software. Beamz Interactive’s technology portfolio includes multiple patents, patents pending and trade secrets covering interactive music, software, laser-based controllers, gaming applications, and related designs and devices. Beamz products can be purchased through Check out the Beamz video to see how it works or view the Beamz video gallery.

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Posted On: Mountain View, CA (Vocus) November 18, 2010

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