Apple’s iTunes Offers The Beatles…And Now, How to Play The Beatles

Online Guitar Lessons Teach Fans How to Play more than 20 Beatles Classics. Step-by-Step Electric and Acoustic Guitar Instruction from Songmaster Studios Education Features Everything from “All You Need is Love” to “Yesterday.”

With Apple’s launch of The Beatles catalog on iTunes comes a resurgence of appreciation for modern rock’s first guitar heroes—and the artistry behind their music. Type a search for “The Beatles” on iTunes. Just below the many albums and singles, visitors are finding a new way to go beyond listening. Namely, three TV seasons-worth of video music lessons have Beatles fans playing along.

Shot close-up in crisp high def, the iVideosongs lessons from Songmaster Studios Education teach viewers how to play “Blackbird,” “Get Back,” “Norwegian Wood,” and twenty other Beatles classics. Sessions run up to an hour in length, breaking each song down bar for bar, showing you each chord and note. Musicians of every skill level can benefit from the chord charts and tabulature embedded in the videos.

“Two things make Songmaster’s Beatles lessons unique,” said Kenny Chipkin, guitar player, music educator and contributing writer and producer of best-selling instructional DVDs and books. “First, the high quality of the instructional approach matches the high definition video production and that clearly jumps right out from the masses on the Internet. Also, you learn nuances about the Beatles in the studio and behind-the-songs information that you will not get from staring at sheet music.”

If this suggests there is insider information, that’s because there is: The Beatles iVideosongs series from Songmaster includes commentary by Giles Martin. Martin is music director of Cirque du Soleil’s Beatles LOVE show and son of Beatles producer, Sir George Martin. Discussing the song “Penny Lane,” for example, Martin describes the layering of several pianos, orchestral instruments, and tape speed manipulation that generates the triumphal and Baroque-like atmosphere of the 1967 Beatles single.

Songmaster’s lessons can be found on iTunes (by visiting this iTunes Store link: Search iTunes using “The Beatles” or “iVideosongs.” Or, explore Songmaster’s entire iVideosongs catalog at

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Posted On: Jupiter, FL November 29, 2010

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