‘Apeyga’ Releases New Jazz-Metal Album, ‘Ring’, 2010

“Apeyga, has created a bold new Instrumental Metal album shining with progressive modern arrangements and intense sonic mastery.”

West Coast Progressive Rock band, APEYGA, released their third Instrumental studio album November 16, 2010. ‘RING’ highlights all of Apeyga’s diverse compositional styles combined into one great trendsetting album. Taking metal to unbound territories, with the incorporation of gigantic effects and orchestrated song structures, long time instrumentalists Apeyga, prove why they have been documented as a founding element to the genre of Jazz-Metal.

Listen to the album and buy it from: http://www.apeyga.com

Justin Peloian-guitar, John Peloian-bass, Pete Pace-drums.

Mixed by Todd Burke, assisted by Chris Claypool,

Ohm Studio, Los Angeles, Ca. Mastered by Gavin Lurssen,

assisted by Reuben Cohen, Lurssen Mastering, Hollywood, Ca.

Recorded by Rich Wenzel, assisted by Nick Zagorin, Ardent

Audio Productions, Torrance, Ca. Written and Produced by

Justin Peloian, assisted by John Peloian, Studio13, Culver City, Ca.

Buy ‘RING’ directly from iTunes

‘RING’ tracklist: 1. Clown, 3:48 (stages of space flight), 2. Silent Holiday, 3:27 (tensions approaching death), 3. Oil & Oxygen, 3:48 (rise and fall of economic crisis ), 4. Android Asteroid, 5:02 (colliding with earth and repercussions), 5. Jelly, 3:56 (dividing colors, shapes and sound), 6. Service of Sending, 5:21 (empathy and frustration in sickness). Total running time: 25min 30sec.

About Apeyga:

In 2003, brothers Justin Peloian and John Peloian established the group as a Modern Rock /Fusion Trio. In 2006 they were awarded ‘Best Instrumental/Melodic Group’ by a popular L.A. based Music Magazine and have toured the West Coast consistently. APEYGA has recorded and released one EP, and 3 Independent

albums from their studio in Culver City, Ca. The new Release ‘RING’ for 2010 proves to be a culmination of the band’s 7 years of brainstorming, experimentation, relentless drive, collaborations and experiences. To read our full story in detail, Link to the Band Biography Blog on our website: http://www.apeyga.com

Also visit the Apeyga Website to purchase Ringtones, CD Albums, New Store Merchandise,

and to check out the amazing New Video for the single ‘Oil & Oxygen’!


Studio 13

Culver City, Ca



Posted On: Culver City, CA December 15, 2010

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