WXD Electric Guitar Padded Gig Bag,Black

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Still Looking for a padded bag to protect your guitar?

This WXD electric guitar padded gig bag is made of 600D polyester with extra interior padding ideal for packing and protect your valuable guitar!

Interior padded foam is so thick and soft that it can achieve a shockproof effect. It features two front pockets ,each has a smaller pocket on its top side, which can be used to store frequently used accessories such as straps, extra strings, batteries, tuners, picks, etc.

The short handle on the top side is widen and reinforced, making users feel convenient and comfortable when carrying it. The shoulder strap on the backside is removable that it can be attached to or detached from the bag at anytime according to different needs. The bottom of this gig bag features a piece of rubber-plastic bottom studs which can help protect the bag from being scratched when placed on the floor.

Exterior dimensions: 40″ length x 12″ (upper bout)/ 15″ (lower bout) width x 3″ height.
Interior dimensions: 39.5″ length x 12″ (upper bout)/ 14.5″ (lower bout) width x 2.5″ height.
Durable nylon padded Gig Bag
Extra padding for added protection
Sturdy and solid, protective bag for guitars
Exterior dimensions: 40″ Length x 12″ (upper bout)/ 15″ (lower bout) width x 3″ height
Interior dimensions:39.5″ Length x 12″ (upper bout)/ 14.5″ (lower bout) width x 2.5″ height.

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