TimbreGear Chromatic Clip-On Tuner Guitar Tuner For – Acoustic Guitar, Electric Guitar, Bass Guitar, Ukulele, Violin, Premium Picks Sampler 20 Pack In Thin, Medium & Heavy Gauges (Pitch Black)

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Why Choose the TimbreGear Chromatic Beast Tuner? Here are 4 Fast reasons: 1) Proven to be super fast and very easy to use. 2) Clear, detailed instructions for the beginner, student , and professional musician 3) Very Bright tuner display screen, Easy on the eyes. 4) Precise & Accurate so you’ll sound your best yet! Oh and yes there is a 5th reason; you get 20 super cool guitar picks in 5 gauges of heavy medium and thin. The complete guitarist’s bundle at a value you cannot pass on. So click add-to-cart now and enjoy your TimbreGear!ENGINEERED FOR ULTRA FAST PRECISE TUNING: So you are perfectly in-tune every time you play. The internal micro sensor uses vibrations to detect what key you play and will not be affected by external noise making it the smart choice for every musician
QUICK & EASY: Full color screen display, easy to use quick tuning modes for the learning beginner and experienced pro, unlike similar tuners that known for slow response time and dull screens. This Beast will have you in-tune fast and effortlessly.
TOUGH BUILT: The TimbreGear Beast tuner will handle your long gigs and on-the-road good use with its strong Clip and tuner head design
20 QUALITY GUITAR PICKS: Each one gold stamped with .mm size and thickness in 5 different gauges, will enable every playing style. A unique tuner and guitar picks gear-pack with amazing value
3 YEAR ‘ITS-WORKING -GREAT WARRANTY’: Timbregear products are known to hold up to good use. If anytime in the next 3 years your TimbreGear stops performing well, return it for a full refund- no questions asked!

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