Rinastore 6-String Acoustic & Electric Guitar Capo- Single Handed Quick Change Capo, Rosewood Color

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The secret of never playing out of tune again the best guitar capo to help you play like a pro no more fret buzz  make fast changes on stage   this capo allows you easily to change the guitar tone to a higher pitch or lower one so that you can play your music without moving your fingering. Designed in small size and durable material, it is suitable for guitars of different widths. And the easy operation and quick release design can hold the strings nice and tight. Guitar capo features. Easy to use with 1 hand and ultra portable designed to fit different instruments (guitar, ukulele, banjo, bass, mandolin)  suitable for most 6string extra stabilized industrial features  silicone pads for instrument protection.Perfect sound tight on strings and no more fret buzz with high performance capo
Designed for 6string acoustic and electric guitars, also fit different instruments (ukulele, banjo, bass, mandolin)
Delicate silicone pad protects your precious guitar capo from any scratches or damage
Easy to use quickly and easily releases and repositions with one hand without disturbing tuning
Built to last made of lightweight aircraft grade zinc alloy, this ultra lightweight professional capo

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