Kormest Guitar Straps Denim Style Adjustable With Leather Ends for Electric Acoustic Bass Ukulele Including Guitar Capo+Safety Locks+Picks (Coffee,2”)

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*These guitar straps are great for any guitar! What do you have, an acoustic guitar? Electric guitar? Bass? It’ll be perfect for that..
*You can adjust guitar strap from 38.5″ to 64″ to make playing your guitar more comfortable based on your body and playing style.
*This Advanced Guitar Strap is Comfortable and STRONG!it is best choose for guitarist..
*Value pack for big savings,DON’T spend an extra on guitar capo picks and locks.it included them for you.
*When you invest in our guitar strap, it’s backed up with lifetime guarantee(100% Guarantee Replacement or Money Back Our Guitar Straps).

*Main Material:denim
*Adjust Length:38.5” ~ 64”

Package List:
-1*Guitar Capo
-1* guitar strap
-2* safety Locks
-3* picks?Adjustable & Practical?: The woven guitar strap has a width of 2″ and a length that’s adjustable to 64″?Anywhere ,so it’s guaranteed to fit you perfectly. What’s more, it also has a practical pocket where you can store your picks!
?A Value Gift Pack?: Dont Need To Spend An Extra $15-20 on 1 strap capo,2 safety locks, and 3 guitar picks. its all included! ones you get the strap, you are ready to rock! Best gift for guitar lover.
?Compatible with All Guitars?: One of our strap’s best feature is its universal compatibility. Whether your guitar is an acoustic, an electric, or even a bass one, this great strap is guaranteed to do the trick for you!
?Sturdy and Comfortable?: super sturdy denim material that can hold up strong,your guitar is safe with it!
?Lifetime Guarantee?: 100% Guarantee Replacement or Money Back, 24/7 Customer Service

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