Ibanez 6 String AS53 Semi-Hollow Electric Guitar-Transparent Black Flat, Right Handed (AS53TKF)

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Whether you’re a solid body player looking to expand your tonal palate, or an acoustic player who wants to transition to electric, the AS53 is an affordable way to ease into the classic sounds of the semi-hollow guitar. The warm tone of the AS53 is built around two Infinity R humbucker pickups, mounted on a solid block of wood for increased sustain and reduced feedback. The set-in mahogany art core neck joins the sapele body at the 17th fret for easy access to higher notes. Rock, country, jazz or blues, the AS53 will handle it all.Infinity R pickups feature warm, balanced articulation and excellent response for various music genres
Art-st Bridge provides tuning stability
Easy access to higher notes

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