Gibson USA Les Paul LPCM15SESN1 Solid-Body Electric Guitar

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The Gibson Les Paul CM is lean, stripped, and ready for action – this is the essential Les Paul, with everything you want and nothing you don’t need. From the sweet roar of the Classic 61 humbucker to the hand-hugging playaability, to the G FORCE automatic tuning that lets you capture inspirations faster, this guitar delivers Classic Gibson tone and hand-made craftsmanship in a guitar that re-defines cool. Play it. Rock it. Love it.The Gibson LP CM has an oiled, thicker fingerboard for exceptional feel and sustain. And not compromise on tone, quality, or playability.
The pickup is a ’61 humbucker which delivers the classic Gibson tone and the G FORCE automactic tuning for instant standard and alternate tunings on the fly.
Inlcudes classic padded Gibson gig bag.

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