Fusion Guitar – Rosewood, iPhone / iPod integrated Electric Guitar With Built In Speakers and Amplifier .

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The Fusion guitar is the first of its kind as a fully integrated and portable electric guitar. With an integrated amp, speakers, battery and iPhone / iPod dock, the Fusion is redefining what an electric guitar is, and what it can do. The built-in 20 Watt amp and HD audience speakers allow you to harness the power of Guitar apps with the integrated iPhone / iPod Dock Combining the Fusion with guitar apps unleashes unlimited possibilities for learning, playing, creating and sharing music. The Fusion Guitar is comprised of a compact and integrated construction. Combining the convenience of a travel guitar with the capability of an entire rig. Accessories include interchangeable docks for a range of Apple devices, a durable and comfortable shoulder strap includes an embossed Fusion logo, a compact, padded gig bag which can be worn as a backpack for easy transport and a universal power pack to stay powered up, no matter where the Fusion Guitar takes you.Take Your Electric Anywhere. Easily use the best guitar apps without extra hardware or cables. Interchangeable and secure docks with Apple Certified Lightning connector. Supports iPhone 8 Plus, iPhone 8, iPhone 7 Plus, iPhone 7, iPhone SE, iPhone 6s Plus, iPhone 6s, iPhone 6 Plus, iPhone 6, iPhone 5, iPhone 5s, iPod touch 6th generation, iPod touch 5th generation. Excludes iPhone 5C.
Amazing Feel, Genuine Look. Full Scale Neck and Fingerboard. Canadian Maple Body & Neck Extended through body to bridge for strength and traditional electric guitar tone. Premium Rosewood Fingerboard.
Loud & Clear. Built-in High Performance Speakers. Two Tymphany Peerless full range speakers coupled with a high frequency tweeter enclosed in an advanced proprietary patent-pending floating speaker housing. Driven by a powerful, US designed 20 Watt Class-D amplifier. Low Vibration and Feedback, Amazing Sound.
Breakthrough Battery Life. Built-in rechargeable battery. Play anywhere – no cables or extra gear. High capacity, rechargeable lithium-ion battery with 6 hours play and 3 hours charge time. Included DC Power Pack for fast charging, adapters for AUS, EU, USA and UK sockets.
Classic On-Board Hardware. Two interchangeable high output pickups with coil split capability on bridge pickup. Providing a total of 15.6K ohms. High Quality Bridge with standard speaker volume and pickup dials and three way pickup selector. Three Lineout Options for PA, Amp or Headphones output.

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