Black Solid 2″ Guitar Strap Bundle Includes 2 Strap Locks & 2 Unique Picks. Adjustable Polyester Guitar Picks Pocket Strap – Suitable For Bass, Electric & Acoustic Guitars

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Afford Yourself The Wonderful Guitar Strap You Deserve – Starting Today!

Do you enjoy playing your favorite songs on the guitar?

Aren’t you sick and tired, however, of plain and boring-looking guitar accessories that are out of touch with your artistic taste?

Wouldn’t you prefer something with more… soul?

Well, you’re in luck! This amazing guitar strap may just prove to be all you wanted and more!

Premium Polyester Black Guitar Strap – Suitable For Bass, Electric & Acoustic Guitars

The softness and comfort of polyester strap make it beneficial from the moment you buy them.

Polyester straps are considered by many guitar players to be the best choice as they help evenly distribute guitar weight and dramatically reduce back pressure, providing maximum comfort straight out of the box.

What’s more, it’s designed to be compatible with all kinds of guitars; acoustic ones, electric ones, even bass guitars!

Everything A Guitarist Would Ever Need, Conveniently Packed Into A Single Bundle

We’ve made sure to make our guitar straps adjustable and practical enough to fit every guitarist’s needs, no matter his physique, guitar type, or playing style.

What’s more, along with your brand new strap you’ll receive 2 strap locks, as well as 2  unique guitar picks – for absolutely no additional charge!

So, What Are You Still Waiting For? Order Your Own Premium Polyester Guitar Strap Set Today!

Just Click “Add To Cart”!

? Need a new guitar strap? Well, you can stop looking. This guitar strap set includes everything a guitar player could ever ask for, conveniently packed into a single, great value bundle!
? COMPATIBLE WITH ALL GUITARS: One of our straps best feature is its universal compatibility. Whether your guitar is an acoustic, an electric, or even a bass one, this great strap is guaranteed to do the trick for you!
? ADJUSTABLE & PRACTICAL: The guitar strap has a width of 2″ and a length that’s adjustable anywhere between 35″ and 60″, so it’s guaranteed to fit you perfectly. What’s more, it also has a practical pocket where you can store your picks!
? SAFE PURCHASE – 90 Money Back Guarantee

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