Banjos Mandolins Electric Bass Guitar Stringed Musical Instrument Wall Hanger Mount Long Holder Hook 4PCS

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The best possible way to store your guitars is to pack them in a good quality case and put them in a room that isn’t humid. The next best thing is to use wall hangers. If we take that a regular guitar owner’s room is dry, a wall hanger is a perfect way to both store and display your guitars. Our hanger use gravity lock to keep your guitar on the wall stable.More heavier your guitar is then more stable it will stay(in limited range).The materials used are high quality, and the padding on the tubes is soft enough to leave no marks on your instrument.Very simple design for Those who have more than one instrument will definitely appreciate this.It’s technically a low-cost locking system that works pretty well considering the price.The one of the best guitar hangers for the money.This hanger is made of Metal & Sponge,it could sustain up to 25 pounds of electric guitar,bass or any other instruments.
Non-marring rubber coating protects your instrument carefully.
It’s adjustable so that it fits guitars, banjos, basses, mandolins, and other stringed instruments.
This hook use gravity lock technology.More heavier your guitar is then more stable it will stay(in limited range).
Just take few minutes to install it.It could be mounted on all kinds of surface like wood,rock,wall,brick….etc.

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