Guitar & Passion, Making Music With Meaning Vol. 1

Guitar & Passion: Making Music With Meaning Volume 1

In this book we go beyond what it is to know how to play guitar. There are a million and one instructional guides to show you the ins and outs of keys, notes, chords, scales etc… But here we take a completely fresh outlook on what it means to be an artist, and on how to get back to playing music with feel, be it as a soloist or as part of any sized group.
Rather than get bogged down in technical jargon and seemingly endless rules on what you can play and at what time, we take an entirely different approach and get back to using your ears to hear what it is you are a part of, and find ways to really make every note count.
Whether you are new to playing or a seasoned professional, this book offers easily digestible lessons on topi


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