Jammin Pro ACOUSTIC505 Acoustic-Electric Guitar

  • Electro acoustic guitar with USB output for recording
  • Built-in chromatic tuner
  • Record direct to PC or Mac

The Acoustic 505 features an acoustic guitar with cutaway, solid body, chrome machine heads, active pre-amp, 3-band equalizer, and Chromatic Tuner with LCD. The Acoustic 505 has all the features a musician needs to rock solid as an Acoustic and Electro Acoustic guitar, but it also features a high quality USB connection for direct recording to a computer.The Acoustic 505 comes packaged with Magix Music Maker LE to transform your computer into a recording studio. Just plug the Acoustic 505 into a computer, run the recording software, and record multi tracks in a snap. MP3s can also be used for backing tracks while playing the guitar as well.Using practical information from the included DVD allows the guitarist to get his/her creative juices flowing and to record ideas on the fly. Easy to use, simple to connect, the Jammin Pro Acoustic 505 lets your imagination bring your Acoustic guitar to the next level.
List Price: $ 299.99 Your Price: $ 166.60

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